Tierra/Briarhurst Park


A community park located on the southeast corner of south 27th street and Highway 2. Includes skate park and rentable shelter. Tierra/Briarhurst is also home to a free public disc golf course! With shorter holes and challenging obstacles this 9-hole course is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike.


Acres: 123.3

Tierra Skatepark

Tierra Skate Park provides the right conditions for an exciting activity. It is an outside skate park with a mixed riding surface. The park consists of two rails, one round double kinked and one flat, 4ft/1.22 m spine, a launch box, a huge bank and a big quarter pipe. There are also two ledges (one big and one small) that run with the fun boxes. Skating is only permitted during the daylight hours only, with no fee.

Posted rules and regulations apply.



Deep within the design of the Williamsburg/Tierra neighborhoods are trails that weave through neighborhoods and parks. The Williamsburg/Tierra trail is an example of how trails can be included as an integral part of a neighborhood.

Originally constructed solely in the Williamsburg neighborhood in the late 1990s, the Williamsburg/Tierra trail quickly expanded, correlating with the explosive expansion of the southwestern area of Lincoln. As new neighborhoods, shopping centers, and schools popped up, the City of Lincoln made it a priority to also provide outdoor recreation for its newest area of the city. The Williamsburg/Tierra trail was eventually expanded to connect with the South Ridge Trail and extended to Densmore Park. 

Connecting with the Rock Island Trail, the Tierra/Williamsburg trail proceeds through the Tierra / Williamsburg neighborhoods and connects with the South Pointe Trail and Pine Lake Trails that go west along Pine Lake to Densmore Park. Following one of Lincoln's neighborhood drainage corridors, the Tierra/Williamsburg Trail will provide a future connection to the Yankee Hill Trail and eventually to the south Beltway.

The Williamsburg/Tierra trail stands as a testament to the determination of Lincoln’s citizens. These trails strengthen and connect some of the neighborhoods of South Lincoln.









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