Trago Park


A neighborhood park located off 22nd and U streets. Includes the Trago Spraypark and public art piece, Rolling Donut.

Acres: 8.05

The free sprayground will be open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day. This site also features a new playground and plaza area, updated site furnishings and irrigation.

 "The sprayground is unlike anything else in the City, and we are anxious to have families in the surrounding neighborhoods enjoy it," Mayor Beutler said. "This will be a great complement to Union Plaza.."


The project began in 2006, when a committee met to develop a master plan for the park. Changes were necessary because of the Antelope Valley Project construction and channel alignment on the west side of the park. Park construction began in early 2008 and was open for public use in August 2008.

Funding for the renovation of Trago Park was provided by City of Lincoln Antelope Valley funds (Keno revenue), Community Development Block Grant funds, the Lincoln Cares program and the Cornhusker Kiwanis Club. The Cornhusker Kiwanis Club also is volunteering to assist with landscape establishment and maintenance throughout the fall.

Public Art


Park visitors will see the public art piece by sculptor Fletcher Benton, Tilted Donut #7, next to the Billy Wolff Trail on the west side of the park, south of the sprayground and basketball courts. Visit the public art page to learn more about this piece and artist.


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