South Haymarket Park


The park, southwest of 7th and "N" streets, will include a playground and festival space, a dog park, play courts and other amenities. The park will also include a trail connection between "N" and "J" streets, providing a vital link between downtown and the trail system to the south. A new public plaza on the south end of Canopy Street will provide gathering spaces and include a proposed signature public artwork. The Parks and Recreation Department sought community input on the preliminary design for the new park and plaza area during the summer of 2019.

Download the South Haymarket Master Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Funding and Park Updates 

Project updates will occur periodically. Please check back in the future! 


What amenities may be within the area? 
At this time the master plan includes possible areas for park space, connector trail, and dog park. 

Has this been approved by City Council yet? 
The new downtown neighborhood park and associated redevelopment in the South Haymarket were approved by the City Council May 6. 

How can I donate to this project? 
The Lincoln Parks Foundation is leading the campaign to raise funds for the park and plaza. Those interested in making a gift to the park are encouraged to contact Maggie Stuckey at 402-441-8258 or


Southwest of 7th and "N" streets,    View Map

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