Acklie Fountain

In the center of Government Square, there is a limestone fountain featuring Corn and Wheat Goddesses from the 1920's. Benches surround the fountain and alliums bloom behind them.

About the Sculpture

Housed in Government Square Park at 10th and "O" streets, the Acklie Fountain was installed and dedicated in 2006. It was a gift from the children of Duane and Phyllis Acklie to honor their parents. The Acklies have owned Crete Carrier since 1971 and have given back to the community in many ways. 

This fountain includes casts of corn maiden faces from the original Cornhusker Hotel and ornamental flower-fixtures from the old City Hall. The fountain also draws inspiration from the original fountain that was once near the Post Office (now Government Square). In about 1875, the federal government erected a small fountain, north of the site of the Post Office and people flocked to collect water from it as it was seen as a medical panacea. It was moved in 1915 when a new wing was added to the building, and was removed from the spot in 1940. Though it is not the original fountain, the Acklie Fountain renews a heritage for the city.  

The fountain in Government Square is adorned with replicas of the 1920 Corn and Wheat Goddesses.

the head of a young woman wearing a corn headdress on the column of a fountain

Vibrant purple asters bloom in-front of the square's fountain as the historic building fills in the background.  

About the Artist

Mark Canney is a former park planner for Lincoln Parks and Recreation, working on projects such as Sunken Gardens and the native grasses at Union Plaza. 

Thunderstone LLC was a local company that made architectural cast stone products such as columns, cornices, address plaques, and fountains. The company has since changed names to Arrowstone LLC. 

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