About the Sculpture

Ascent, a 57′ glass spire by artist Jun Kaneko, was installed in the Lincoln Community Foundation Tower Square at 13th and P Street, in late 2014.

The art piece is composed of 80 individually designed art glass panels (each approx. 2’ wide and 7’27” tall). The panels are made of colored flash and opaque glass pieces that are laminated to a base sheets of tempered laminated glass which has an opaque interlayer of PVB film. The tower is structured with steel members with components to secure the glass panels. The interior of the column is illuminated with LED lights that are secured to the steel frame to make the tower illuminate at night.


Rotating around the sculpture Ascent to show it from all sides


A long wall, covered in blue glazed tiles, with yellow chairs and tables in front of it.

Another feature at Tower Square is the Blue Glaze Tile Wall made by Jun Kaneko as well. 


A part of the Lincoln Community Foundation Tower Square space is the additional seating and space for performances in downtown Lincoln.

About the Artist

Jun Kaneko is a Japanese-born American ceramic artist known for creating large scale ceramic sculpture. Jun Kaneko was born in Nagoya, Japan, in 1942. He originally studied painting, but when he came to the United States in 1963 to continue his studies at Chouinard Art Institute, he was introduced to sculptural ceramics. He has been based in Omaha, NE since 1986, but has been working across the globe.

Additional Information

Lincoln Community Foundation Tower Square,  13th & P Street

Height: 57'

Materials: Glass, LED lights, metal


Installation process:

Video produced by Jan Kaneko Studios


Dedication Event: December 2014

Video produced by Digital Sky Productions


Glasswork done at Derix Glasstudios :



1300 P St., Lincoln 68508  View Map

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