Plan Your Trip

The map below can be used to plan your next ride from the type of bicycle facility you want to use, where sidewalk riding is prohibited in downtown, and where to lock up your bike upon arrival. Zoom into an area to see more features and click on the icons for more details. This is the most up to day information on our bicycling facilities.

If you would prefer auto generated directions, Google maps provides routing for bicyclists like they do vehicles. You need to turn the bicycling layer on and make sure you choose the bike icon for directions. Google's data lags behind the City and may not always show all recommended shared routes or recently built facilities. The algorithm also does not differentiate the various type of facilities (ex: separate versus non-separated bike lanes), therefore its recommended to use the Plan Your Trip map along with Google when making decisions about how to get to your destination. Check out this biking comfort level flyer(PDF, 2MB)  for guidance on what facility types from the Plan Your Trip map correspond with various levels of comfort.

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Bike Parking

A project to map all the bicycle parking locations in downtown Lincoln was undertaken several years ago and the results can be seen by zooming into the map above. There is an on-going effort to map the remainder of the bike parking locations throughout the rest of the city. The bike rack layer above will be updated as new locations are mapped. You can fill out the form while at the bike rack using your phone or snap a quick picture of the rack and upload the information on your phone or computer when you have time. Just fill out a few quick fields on link below, making sure click the point on the map to pin the location of the rack. To get it right where the rack is located, you may need to zoom in by clicking the + button or double tapping on your phone. If adding information at the location of the rack you can allow the app to track your location when you open the page or click "Locate Me" under Step 2 which should find the correct spot on the map. Double check the  point is in the right location.

Add/Update a Bike Rack Location

To make it easier to pull up the app you can create a shortcut on your phone home screen using the instructions below.

To create an iPhone shortcut:

  1. Launch the Safari browser and navigate to the link (Safari is the only browser that will work)
  2. Tap the Share button on the browser's toolbar (rectangle with an arrow pointing up)
  3. Tap Add to Home Screen in the share menu
  4. Name the shortcut and click ok

To create an Android shortcut:

  1. Launch the Safari browser and navigate to the link (Firefox will also work).
  2. Tap the menu button and tap Add the Home Screen
  3. Enter a name and hit ok


To view the current locations of secure, weather protected locations in downtown, follow the link below.

 Protected Bike Storage

Statewide Trail and Bicycle Maps

Great Plains Trails Network map       State Bike Map City Breakouts        State Bike Map Entire State

How to Ride

Check out the link below for videos and guides to help you with your next commute, night ride, winter trip, taking your bike on the bus, and more.

Biking Tips and Tricks


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