Major Apartment Projects

This map shows a sampling of major apartment complexes recently proposed, approved, underway or completed in Lincoln since January 1, 1993. Some apartment complexes that are older, but have recent additions have been included in this list. Apartment projects with 50 or more dwelling units were selected. In addition, all Downtown housing developments after 2002 have been included. The "Year of Building Permit" is the date the building permit was approved, not the date the building was completed.

This list does not include the following:

  1. potential apartment projects zoned R-5 to R-8, unless a CUP was originally approved for the site (apartment projects with greater than 50 units are included after building permit)
  2. apartment projects approved specifically for elderly, retirement, domiciliary or assisted living housing
  3. complexes of single family attached dwelling units where each unit is built on an individual lot

This list is compiled for information purposes only. It is a sampling of apartment projects selected to represent as many as possible of the recently approved and constructed apartment projects. Not all apartment projects may be listed. This list does not represent an endorsement of any particular apartment project and is not provided for apartment leasing or rental purposes.

Use our PATS search tool to find additional information about the applications approving these projects.

Printable List of Major Apartment Projects(PDF, 456KB)