Plans and Reports

Background Studies

Greenprint Challenge: Natural Resources - Geographic Information System (NRGIS)

Comprehensive Plans

2050 Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan
2040 Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan - 2016 Update
2040 Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan
2030 Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan
2025 Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan
1994 Lincoln/Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan

Community Indicators

2022 Community Indicators for the 2050 Comprehensive Plan

Land Use Data

What's Up in Lincoln

What's Up in Lincoln

Annexation Statistics

Lincoln Growth: City Size 1960 to Present(PDF, 60KB)

Residential Land Inventory

Residential Land Inventory Review

Major Apartment Projects

Major Apartment Projects 1993 to Present

Retirement Facilities

Major Elderly, Retirement or Domiciliary Facilities(PDF, 94KB)
Map of Major Elderly, Retirement or Domiciliary Facilities(PDF, 434KB)

Subarea Plans

South Haymarket Streetscape Plan
Climate Action Plan (2021)
West O Streetscape Enhancement Plan(PDF, 37MB)  (2020)
North 33rd & Cornhusker Subarea Plan(PDF, 26MB) (2020)
Cornhusker Highway Corridor Enhancement Plan(PDF, 10MB) (2020)
Downtown Master Plan (2018)
South Haymarket Neighborhood Plan
Airport West Subarea Plan(PDF, 3MB)  (2005)
Lincoln Airport F.A.R. Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study (Approved 8/2 & 8/10/2004)
Wilderness Park Subarea Study(PDF, 2MB)  (1999)
Archived Subarea Plans

Town & Village Plans

Bennet(PDF, 5MB) (2029)
    Davey(Not Available)
Denton(PDF, 2MB) (1977)
Firth(PDF, 16MB) (2030)
Hallam(PDF, 3MB) (2035)
Hickman(PDF, 7MB) (2035)
     Lincoln (2050)
Malcolm(PDF, 7MB) (2019)
Panama(PDF, 35MB) (2013)
Raymond(PDF, 2MB) (2000)
Roca(PDF, 9MB) (2017)
Sprague-Martell(PDF, 2MB) (1976)
Waverly(PDF, 15MB) (2033)

Transportation Studies

Complete Streets Annual Reports
Other MPO Transportation Studies