Quality Service Audits

Since 1993, the Lincoln Police Department has been participating in a survey to gauge citizen satisfaction with the delivery of police services. The Quality Service Audit was developed in conjunction with Gallup, Inc. and it continues to be a valuable tool for both officers and administrators. Officers hired after 1991 are designated as participants in the survey and receive feedback from citizens on their performance. The QSA is a telephone survey which is conducted by student interns, volunteers and recruit officers. Contact is made with citizens who have had a recent police contact, whether they are crime victims or the recipients of traffic tickets.

In 2023, 2,300 surveys were completed. This was a decrease from past years when over 3,500 surveys were completed. Construction to our building, specifically to the area where the calls are performed, hampered QSAs from July 2022 - March 2023. 

Of the 2023 participants, 50% recently received a citation from LPD, 21% had been involved in a crash, and 29% had been a victim of a crime. In these surveys, 80.7% of the respondents stated that they either always or usually feel safe and secure in their neighborhood. 

Citizen Safety | Always - Usually Safe 


Additionally, in 2023, when asked about the officer's performance during their contact, 76.7% of respondents described the officer as either outstanding or above average. Only 8.0% of respondents stated that the officer's performance was below average or unsatisfactory.

Officer Performance  |  Outstanding - Above Average


Sample survey questions:

  • Did the officer seem to know what he or she was doing?
  • Did the officer listen to your side of the story or your point of view?
  • Were you treated with dignity when the officer approached you?
  • Do you feel you were treated fairly?
  • Was the behavior of the officer professional in every way?
  • Was the officer considerate of your feelings during the contact?
  • Did the officer say he or she would contact you again, or do something to follow up with the case?
  • Did the officer recontact you as promised?
  • Did the officer introduce himself or herself to you?
  • Did the officer explain the citation and the steps you must take to comply with the law, or educate you in any way about the law?

The full results of these surveys are published each year in the QSA Results Summary(PDF, 12MB)