Pothole Patching

Since May 2016, the City of Lincoln has been using four new pothole patching machines that allow one crew member to do the work that previously required four. Crews also began using new patching material that works better on damp surfaces and has produced longer-lasting repairs.

The Process

First the operator uses compressed air to clean out debris from the area to be patched. Then, a sticky asphalt emulsion seals the sub-surface and creates a strong bond between the existing roadway material and the patching fill. Then, aggregate coated with liquid asphalt (looks like black gravel), is poured into the hole. It fills into all of the voids and hardens into a very strong patch. Finally, we top dress with regular gravel so you can immediately drive over it while the sticky patch sets. The entire operation happens with our team member safely in the cab of the vehicle.

Faster…safer…and longer-lasting repairs.