Large Rain Garden Installation Guide

For community greenspaces, schools, business parks, churches, and other facilities with large drainage areas.

  • Choose a Location

    In this case, the rain garden is in a community greenspace, 30 feet in front of a concrete culvert, which drains the parking lot above.

    Choose a Location
  • Remove the Sod

    The sod can be used elsewhere on your property.

    Remove the Sod
  • Remove Excess Soil

    Since there is so much excess soil to remove, most of the soil will have to be hauled off to a disposal facility. A small fraction of the excess soil will be used to create the berm.

    Remove Excess Soil Remove Excess Soil
  • Create a Berm

    Soil should be bermed on the lower side of the rain garden to stop water from exiting the garden and allowing the water to soak into the soil.

    Create a Berm Create a Berm
  • Add Soil Amendments

    The amount of amendments will depend on the size of your garden. When finished adding sand, compost, and/or manure, there should be a distance of approximately 5-6 inches from the surface of the surrounding land. This space allows for 2-3 inches of mulch and extra water holding capacity.

    Add Soil Amendments
  • Till in Soil Amendments

    Till in Soil Amendments
  • Spot the Plants

    Before digging and planting, place the plants in the location you want them to be.

    Spot the Plants
  • Plant

  • Finish

    Cover with a 2-3 inch layer of shredded hardwood mulch.