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January 28, 2011
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Council To Consider StarTran Audit

Mayor Chris Beutler and City Council Member Adam Hornung today announced that they are asking the City Council to approve a resolution directing the City Audit Advisory Board to examine StarTran's service delivery model and efficiency. The goal, they said, is to look at saving tax dollars while providing a stronger public transportation system.

The resolution calls for an operational review to focus on the following areas:

"Every dollar we save as a result of increased efficiency is a dollar that can be spent on public safety, parks and libraries, the services that make Lincoln a great community," Mayor Beutler said. "The proposed StarTran resolution can help us discover those cost cutting possibilities. I am also intrigued by the potential the resolution offers for a greener community. Many public transportation innovations revolve around energy savings. Star Tran consumes over 340,000 gallons of fuel each year. A more efficient Star Tran could mean a more sustainable community."

"An examination of StarTran would give us the information we need to determine if we can implement new innovations that have been successful elsewhere," Hornung said. "I am confident that an Audit board led study of the issue can provide the direction and guidance for a public transportation system as good as the people who use it and as frugal as the taxpayers who support it."

The City Council approved the Mayor's proposal to create a City Audit Advisory Board in 2007. The Board is empowered to contract for internal, financial and operational audits and performance reviews of City government. The six-member Board includes three Mayoral appointees and three appointed by the Council.

The City Council recommends projects, and the Audit Advisory Board determines the scope of the review. The Board previously examined City fund balances in the spring of 2009. The City has about $251,000 from previous budget years in an account to provide for these activities.

The resolution is on the City Council agenda for its meeting which begins at 5:30 p.m. Monday, January 31.for final report. If the resolution is approved, the audit board will further define the scope of the study and issue an RFP for a contractor to complete the performance review.

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