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April 7, 2011
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Randy Hoskins, Asst. City Engineer, 402- 441-7570

Residents Invited To Share Ideas On Access Management Policy

The City Public Works and Utilities Department invites the public to review and comment on a draft Access Management Policy being proposed for adoption later this year. Access management is the process of making streets as safe and efficient as possible by regulating how and where streets and driveways are connected. Residents are encouraged to read the draft policy and submit feedback at (keyword: access) by the end of April.

Assistant City Engineer Randy Hoskins said the policy is very important for overall traffic flow on major streets in the City. "As we look to the future, Lincoln will continue to be challenged by the limited resources we have to build the streets we need," said Hoskins. "Good access management will help us make the best use of our existing and new streets."

Hoskins said an example is the way traffic slows on streets lined with many driveways. He said traffic flow can be improved by combining or limiting the number of driveways, installing turn lanes and carefully designing parking lots.

Scott Opfer, Street Operations and Maintenance Manager, said it also helps to install median breaks in locations where traffic lights are likely to be installed in the future. "Most of the complaints we receive on signal timing come from streets where the signals are not well spaced," said Opfer. "By planning ahead for possible signal locations, we will be able to move traffic more smoothly with fewer red lights."

The draft Access Management Policy includes the following topics:

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