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March 1, 2019
Media Contact:
David Cary, Planning Director, 402-444-7491
Roger Figard, RTSD Executive Director, 402-525-1520

Evaluation Process to Continue for N. 33rd and Cornhusker Area Transportation Project

The City and the Railroad Transportation Safety District (RTSD) are planning two public meetings for spring and summer to discuss the roadway alignments for the RTSD transportation project in the North 33rd Street and Cornhusker Highway area. When determined, the meeting dates will be provided at

The decision to continue the evaluation process follows a request by the City Council that the RTSD review its four project transportation alternatives and provide a single preferred option for the North 33rd and Cornhusker Highway area. Once the preferred roadway alignment is selected, it will be reflected in the City's Subarea Plan and any changes in the Subarea Plan will be shared with the public and the Subarea Plan will be brought forward to the City Council for comment and approval.

The spring meeting will highlight previous transportation concepts and gather public feedback on each of the four alternatives and the impacts they each have on environmental, social economic and ecological components.

The summer meeting will share the preferred alternative with the public and gather comments on all project aspects, such as safety, congestion and traffic delay, and improvement of mobility for motor vehicles, public transit, bicycles and pedestrians in the project area.

Individual meetings with property and business owners are also planned for the next six months.

After the preferred alignment is selected, the RTSD project will proceed into detailed environmental investigations under the federal National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and preliminary engineering design activities. Once NEPA and preliminary engineering is complete, the final design documents will be prepared, right-of-way will be appraised and negotiated, and the project can then be constructed.

Additional information including the Planning Environmental Linkages (PEL) Study, Draft Subarea Plan, Draft Corridor Plan, the Final Four alternatives, as well as information presented at all the public meetings is included on the project website:

For more information or if you have questions or comments regarding the RTSD transportation project, please contact Roger Figard, RTSD Executive Director, at 402-525-5620 or or Kris Humphrey, RTSD Project Manager, at 402-326-1176 or

If you have questions or comments regarding the City's N. 33rd and Cornhusker Subarea Plan project, please contact Paul Barnes, Long Range Planning Manager, at 402-441-6372 or

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