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Demographic Profile Lincoln (DP:1-4)
Demographic Profile Nebraska (DP:1-4)
NE Population & Housing Characteristics
US segregation 80-00
Persons without health insurance by race-ethnicity (1997-2001)
Projected State Population by Sex, Race, Hispanic 1995-2025
Minority Behavioral Risk Factor Survey


African American CVD
Black Population Census Brief (2000)
Black Population in the US (1999)
Black Population in the US-population characteristics
Quality of Health Care for African-Americans


American Indian
American Indian and Alaska Native Population Census Brief (2000)
Diabetes prevalence Native Americans
Findings BRFS 1997-00 Native Americans
Health disparities Native Americans
Native American CDV
Native Hawaiian and other PI Population Census Brief (2000)


Asian CVD
Asian Facts & Features
Asian Population Census Brief (2000)
Asian Population Characteristics
Quality of Health Care for Asian Americans


Census Bureau News-Hispanic
Foreign Born Population in the US - March 2002
Foreign Born Population March 2000
Hispanic CVD
Hispanic or Latino Origin Census Maps
Hispanic Population Census Brief
Immigrant Children
Overview of Race and Hispanic Origining Census Brief
Quality of Health Care for Hispanics
Spanish Speaking Service Providers
Undocumented Latinos Access to Health

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