Residential Contractor

Professional contractor and ready to get permits in?  Interested in submitting online?  When you submit your building permit, you will want to include the impact fee, curb cut, energy code, and water applications.   All work completed must meet our community’s standards as defined in the Lincoln Municipal Code.

If you are a new contractor or want to update your information, please complete our contractor form.

Submit a Residential Building Permit for a New Single Family Home or Townhome

Step 1.Review the requirements before you apply

1. If you are a new residential contractor to Lincoln you need to create a Citizen Access account, and then contact Building and Safety at 402-441-7521 to have your company's license connected to your Citizen Access account. If you have a Citizen Access account with the license attached, please skip to step 2 of this section.

2. Complete the pdf application(s) to upload during your application submission -


4. Additional forms may be required if you are in floodplain or demolition project

5. Have a valid address -

  • If you are unsure of the address, you can research the information on the County Assessor’s website or determine if the property is in county or city lines using the GIS Maps

6. Have your plans –

  • All plans should be a PDF less than 60 MB to upload into the Citizen Access application correctly.  

Step 2.Submit your application

Once you have gathered the requirements from the previous step please fill out and submit your permit application.

Apply Now

Step 3.Make your payment

Fees for a new residential building will require a deposit of $100 when you submit your permit.

Once we have invoiced your fees you can pay online through Citizen Access.

Contact our office at 402-441-7521 or visit our Citizen Access Information page if you need assistance with paying your permit fee.

Step 4.We'll review your application

Our office will review your application for accuracy. You may need to revise your application or attachments if we notice any missing or incorrect information.

You will be notified by the reviewer for any fees on corrections required.

Step 5.Schedule an inspection

The permit must be in an issued status before any inspections can be scheduled. You will be able to schedule an inspection through Citizen Access, the 24 hour Inspection Line at 402-441-5999, or SelecTxt at 888-405-9508. Please have your permit number, date for inspection, and special instruction if necessary ready before scheduling. For same day inspection please schedule before 7:30 AM. If you have any further questions about inspection scheduling please visit our Inspections page or contact us at 402-441-7521 to speak with a Permit Assistant.

Failure to submit satisfactory information or violating the above statements is sufficient grounds to void a permit that is already issued or to refuse issuance of a permit.

Non-compliance with the codes may result in a reinspection fee.