40th Street and Wilderness Hills Boulevard

Intersection Improvements

This project improved the intersection of South 40th Street and Wilderness Hills Boulevard with construction of a new roundabout. This roundabout will improve the safety of the motoring public and also includes access to the future Wilderness Commons development to the west of South 40th Street.

This project was completed in advance of separate upcoming project, 40th Street from Yankee Hill Road to Rokeby Road. The roadway improvements constructed for the South 40th Street and Wilderness Hills Boulevard roundabout were constructed in such a way to tie directly into the future 40th Street project – only asphalt transitions to the existing S. 40th Street will need to be removed in the future, saving costs.

The typical section for South 40th Street at the Wilderness Hills Boulevard Roundabout is one lane in each direction with a raised center median.

Funding Details

This project was funded 100% by the adjacent developers as a Developer Loan. The low bid received in November 2020 was $1,696,915.85.


Project design was completed in October 2020. Construction took place in 2021.

Construction was coordinated with adjacent projects, including Yankee Hill between S. 40th and S. 48th Streets, and Rokeby Road between S. 33rd and S. 40th Streets.

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