84th from Sandalwood to Elizabeth - Street Improvements

Project Summary

This project will improve 84th Street from Sandalwood Drive to Elizabeth Drive through a mill and overlay of the existing surface and concrete repairs. Additional work will include pavement markings, upgrades to the existing curb ramps to comply with the Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

Project Location

Funding Details

This project is programmed as a part of the commitment to voters to invest significant sales tax funds into improvement of existing streets. The project will be funded jointly from the Highway Allocation Funds (aka-Gas Tax) and ¼ cent sales tax for streets in accordance with ballot language. Until more detailed information is known, the total project estimate and funding split is an assumption.


This project is being considered for construction in 2023 depending on funding availability, other construction projects in the area, and additional considerations.

Access During Construction

Certain directions of travel and/or lanes may be closed to through traffic for the duration of construction. Access to individual properties will be maintained as construction process allows. The traveling public is encouraged to find alternative routes and to use the WAZE app for assistance.

Project Contacts