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Important Safety Notice

Traffic does NOT stop for the bus, so when you get off the bus you need to wait on the corner for the bus to pass and check all directions for traffic before crossing the street.

StarTran buses do not have a stop arm like a school bus so traffic does not stop like it does for a school bus. Please make sure all students are aware of this.

Fixed-route evening service, VanLNK on-demand service, and paratransit service are currently ending at 7 p.m. (UNL routes 24 and 25 continue to operate until 9 p.m.)   More information

On Monday, August 22, two bus stops previously located on “N” Street between 10th and 11th streets moved to nearby locations.   View Map(PDF, 147KB) More information

StarTran is not currently collecting fares. Fare collection will begin October 17, 2022

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