LWS Customer Service and Billing FAQ

Lincoln Water System Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Payment Information

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How much is my bill and when is it due?

Each bill is determined by water usage at the customer's address. The amount due and due date are listed on each bill. Customers receive their bills every other month.

Water Rates

What should I do if my water bill seems too high?

First, make sure you don't have a water leak. Abnormally high water bills may be connected to a faucet or toilet leak, or outside use greater than previous years due to hotter or dryer weather. More information on how to check for leaks and reduce water usage is available at the links below.

How to Locate a Leak Toilet Water-Saving Tips All Water Conservation Info

You may contact the Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Water Billing Office at 402-441-7551 if you wish to verify the amount billed.

I am a new customer. How do I find my PIN and account number?

Please wait until the bill is due before making any payments. This ensures all prior owner or tenant payments can be posted. Your PIN and account number will be printed on each bill.

Account number and PIN location on bill(JPG, 120KB)

Is the PIN on my bill only used to pay online?

Yes. A unique PIN is provided for each bill and is required to make a payment online.

Where is my PIN located on my bill?

The PIN is located at the bottom-left corner of paper bills (see figure, below). Customers enrolled in paperless billing will receive their PIN by email.

PIN location on bill(JPG, 120KB)

Can I pay my water and wastewater bill over the phone?

No, not at this time.

How do I pay my bill online?

Go to lincoln.ne.gov/WaterPayment for instructions on how to make online payments.

How do I set up automatic bank account payments?

Go to lincoln.ne.gov/WaterPayment for forms and instructions on how to set up automatic bank payments.

How do I set up automatic payments with my credit card?

Water and Wastewater Billing cannot accept automatic credit card payments. We can only accept automatic bank account payments.

Where can I find my MyInterLinc username, and how do I reset my password?

Go to lincoln.ne.gov and select Log In to MyInterlinc. Click on “Forgot your Username or Password?” on the left side of the screen. Follow the steps on the Forgot Username or Password page to retrieve your username and reset your password.

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For additional assistance, customers may call Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Water Billing Customer Service at 402-441-7551 to request their username and/or password.

If you do not already have an account, you may create one here.

How do I make payment arrangements if I am in arrears (behind on my payments)?

All payment arrangements are made in the Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Water Billing Collection and Past Due department. Call 402-441-7533 to make arrangements.

I signed up for paperless billing (ebill) and I am not receiving my Water and Wastewater Bill in my email inbox. What should I do?

Customers should check their junk email folder or spam filter. To ensure delivery of future bill notifications, please add waterebill@lincoln.ne.gov to your address book, to the allowed list of addresses in your spam filter, or ask your company's IT group to allow this address to pass through any filtering software.

Customers may double-check which email address is registered with their MyInterLinc account. Go to lincoln.ne.gov, select Log In to MyInterlinc and enter your usename and password to log in. Once logged in, select "Edit Your Profile." The "Citizen Profile" page will open, and your account details, including your registered email address will be listed. If you need to update the information, click "Edit Profile," make the necessary changes, then click "Update Profile" to save the changes.

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Past due accounts that are subject to disconnect are automatically removed from paperless billing and will begin receiving paper bills instead. Accounts that have been removed from paperless billing may enroll again once the account is paid in full. Go to lincoln.ne.gov/WaterPayment for instructions on how to sign up for paperless billing.

Where can I drop off my payment?

Go to lincoln.ne.gov/WaterPayment for a list of payment drop-off locations.

I received a fraud alert after I paid my water and wastewater bill online. Should I be concerned?

The City encourages customers to be vigilant in monitoring their account activity. Please contact your bank to verify the transaction.

Why is there a prior balance on my new account?

Please call Water and Wastewater Billing Customer Service at 402-441-7551.

Property Owners/Tenant Information

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I’m a property owner. How do I remove water service from my name?

When the owner has sold the property, the title company will contact the City to get a final reading for the owner’s water bill. When the ownership changes, the City updates the billing system and will begin sending water bills to the new property owner.

The owner of the property is listed on the Assessor’s website at lancaster.ne.gov/assessor.

I’m a tenant moving out of my rental at the end of the month. How do I take the water bill out of my name and submit my forwarding address?

Contact Water Billing Customer Service at 402-441-7551 to request a final reading for your water bill and submit your forwarding address.

To submit your forwarding address online, go to lincoln.ne.gov/WaterCustomer and open the Residential Water Meter Reading form, which is located near the bottom of the page. Once the form is open, select "Reading for a final bill" under the first question, "Why are you submitting a reading?" You will then be able to enter your forwarding address in the next field.

I am a tenant who received a final reading, but I have now postponed my move. How do I update the date of my final reading?

Customers must call 402-441-7551 to change their final billing date.

Other Billing Information

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I have a water leak on my property. How can I see if I qualify for a wastewater/sewer base adjustment?

Call Water and Wastewater Customer Service at 402-441-7551.

Can I get a discounted wastewater/sewer rate when filling my swimming pool?

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities Water and Wastewater does not offer discounts.

Will I get charged for having my water service turned on and off?

Yes. There is a $25 fee for the City to turn your water on. There is a $25 fee for the City to turn your water off. Water is turned on and off at the curbstop/stopbox.

I want to discuss a Water and Wastewater bill, but my name is not on the bill. What do I do?

Water and Wastewater Billing cannot speak with individuals who are not named on the bill. Individuals must be listed on the bill, be the owner of the property, or have a legal right to have access.

I have Power of Attorney paperwork. How do I get it to Water and Wastewater Billing?

Call Water Credit Collections at 402-441-7533 for assistance.