Lincoln Water System Facilities Master Plan

Water utilities must continuously plan to address system needs and challenges, such as system growth, aging infrastructure, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, and the need for a well-planned and efficient Capital Improvement Program. Recognizing this need, the City of Lincoln has historically conducted master planning efforts at 5-year intervals: a comprehensive master planning effort every 10 years and updates to address system growth and distribution system needs every 5 years.

The 2014 Facilities Master Plan provides a guide for the short-term and long-term improvements for the infrastructure of the Lincoln Water System (LWS) through the year 2060. The anticipated growth of the system through this time period was coordinated with the Lincoln/Lancaster County 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The Master Plan presents recommended improvements for the City's water supply, treatment, transmission, and distribution facilities based on projected future water capacity requirements and the need for renewal and replacement in the system. The recommended improvements presented in the Master Plan will be the basis for financing, design, and construction of future water infrastructure needs. HDR Engineering, Inc. and City staff have worked together extensively throughout this planning process to ensure all aspects of the City's water planning needs have been met.

2014 Lincoln Water System Facilities Master Plan
Executive Summary(PDF, 699KB)
Full Report(PDF, 9MB)
2002 Master Plan(PDF, 130KB)
2007 Master Plan Update(PDF, 9MB)
2007 Master Plan Update Presentation(PDF, 1MB)