Pioneers Golf Course

A golf cart sits in front of one of Pioneer’s golf course’s water features on a sunny day.

As the oldest public course in Lincoln, Nebraska and the surrounding states.  Pioneers Golf Course was built April 12th, 1930.  Originally 27 holes built by golf architecture William Tucker for the cost of $1,500, the layout is spread across a gradual hill that the beautiful clubhouse sits atop. Now an 18-hole course, Pioneers Golf Course has become one of, if not, the most popular course in the area.  The course is quite unique and has stayed traditional to its intent with no sand bunkers on the holes. 

Twelve years in a row Pioneers Golf Course has led the courses in Lincoln with the number of rounds played. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our players for getting us to that accomplishment and encourage golfers that have not played the course to come experience an historic piece of golf property!

Driving Range

Pioneers 300-yard driving range has room for up to 35 golfers at one time! There are also six targets ranging from 75 to 275 yards.




3403 W Van Dorn Street, Lincoln 68522  View Map

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