Ballard Ballfield

Ballard Ballfield has a chain link backstop, and is a gold level Ballfield.

Ballard Ballfield is one of Lincoln Parks & Recreation premier baseball and softball fields.  Maintenance is scheduled at least twice per week during peak use.

Rental Fee: $22 per hour

Ballfield Rentals

Rental Fee: $22 per hour

Lincoln Parks and Recreation’s premiere ball fields with agri-lime infields and irrigated outfields. Maintenance is scheduled at least twice per week.

Optional Services:




$7.00/hr: 1 hour minimum ¼ hours after

$15.00/hr: Densmore #1 and #2 and Sherman



Rules and Regulations

Rental Responsibilities for Ball Fields

The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department will provide the following:
  • Initial field dragging and brooming. If games are scheduled to start prior to 9:00am dragging/brooming is not guaranteed.

  • Hand tools for field maintenance.

  • Barrels and trash bags

  • Restroom supplies

Renters Rules and Responsibilities are as Follows:
  • Lining fields

  • Providing field maintenance between games as needed. This would include raking, dragging, and touching up field lines.

  • Keep equipment and storage areas secured and locked when not in use.

  • Motor vehicles are not to be on any part of the field, sidewalk, trails, grass or any other area not authorized for motor vehicles

  • Tents or other structures needing ground stakes are not to be used.

  • Teams are not to be allowed to have “soft toss” batting practice against fences.

Use Expectations
  • Your field use is for a specific time period. Your games are to end within the time frame. Don’t infringe on the next team's field use.

  • "Soft Toss" batting practice against fences is NOT permitted.

  • Do Not move permanent pitching rubbers or home plates.

  • Do Not remove bases or equipment from field.

Tobacco Ban
  • Municipal Code Section 12.08.330 is in effect for all City of Lincoln ballfields including bleachers, concession buildings and surrounding areas.

  • The tobacco ban includes products burned, inhaled, chewed or other forms of ingestion.  E-cigarettes are included in the Tobacco Ban policy.

Please note:  Online reservations DO NOT include access to lights, bases, chalk, or field preparation equipment.






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