Air Park Community Center & Williams Branch Library Project

Exterior of Air Park Recreation Center

Since 1979, people of all ages from Lincoln and the Arnold Heights neighborhood have enjoyed the activities and programs provided by the Air Park Recreation Center. Now more than 65 years old, the existing building is reaching the end of its useful life. It is also separated from the nearby neighborhood by a busy street, making it difficult for families and young people to get there safely.

The vision is to build a campus that includes Arnold Elementary School, Williams Branch Library, adjoining parks and recreation facilities including the Air Park Recreation Center and neighborhood improvements. Space is also reserved for the potential to replace the Arnold Heights Pool at this site in the future.

Lincoln Parks Foundation is currently seeking private funds from community partners, foundations, corporations and others who understand the need to provide a new facility that is more accessible and meets the needs of the families in this growing area.

Construction Updates

While the supply of materials/equipment, availability of labor, and of course weather can have significant impact on the construction schedule, the new building is anticipated to be completed in July 2023. Once the building is complete, the Air Park Center and Williams Branch Library will relocate from their current locations. Additional site work and landscaping around the new building will continue through the Fall 2023.

At this time there is not an official date

Summer 2023

Construction continues and our teams are excited for the progress of Lincoln's newest Community Center.

Stay tuned for updated pictures and announcements.





The new gymnasium!



March 2023

In March, City staff and project managers were able to walk through the building in person.






December 2022







October 2022





Early Construction: January -September 2022

January 2022


August 2022

Air Park Construction Site August 2022

August 2022 construction site.

Project Information

Project Vision


Our vision is to create a campus that includes the elementary school, adjoining parks and recreation facilities including the new Air Park Recreation Center and neighborhood park improvements. The new recreation center will be owned and operated by the City of Lincoln. It will provide recreation and before/after-school facilities and expanded programming for youth and adults in the area, as well as a library. Space is being reserved for the potential to replace the Arnold Heights Pool facility at this site in the future.


Since 1979, people of all ages from Lincoln and the Arnold Heights neighborhood have enjoyed the activities and programs provided by the Air Park Recreation Center.


Lincoln Parks and Recreation strives to provide a public recreation center that develops positive relationships through interactions by quality servant leaders who are mindful of the needs of all members of the community.


Classes and programming for all ages include school’s out programming for before and after school and when school is not in session, noon-time basketball, karate, kickball leagues, pickleball, Special Olympics roller-skating practice, Rock Steady Boxing for people with Parkinson’s disease and open-door senior time. Total attendance for all programs in 2018-19 was 35,396. SAFETY SAFETY Now more than 65 years old, the existing building is in need of structural repairs and renovations. It is also separated from the nearby neighborhood by a busy street, making it difficult for families and young people to get there safely.


Given the fact that the existing building is in aged and is poorly located to serve the Air Park community, planning efforts were made with Lincoln Public Schools during the design of the Arnold Elementary School to co-locate a future recreation center with the school to better serve the neighborhood and Lincoln community.


Open House - October 21, 2021

Public Invited to Open House for New Recreation Center and Library

The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department and Lincoln City Libraries (LCL) invited the public to an open house Thursday, October 21, 2021 to view and discuss plans for the new Air Park Recreation Center and Williams Branch Library. The event was from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Air Park Recreation Center, 3720 NW 46th Street.

The open house provided an opportunity to see plans and ask questions about the new shared library/recreation center to be constructed in Huskerville Park located between NW 48th Street and Arnold Heights School. Construction was scheduled to start in fall 2021 and is expected to be completed by summer 2023. The current library is located within Arnold Elementary School, 5000 Mike Scholl St., and the recreation center is in a building that is over 65 years old. 

Project architects and staff from Lincoln Parks and Recreation and LCL were available to discuss building plans and project schedule, answer questions, and take comments about programs and services.

“This is another great opportunity to learn about a new shared public facility in the Air Park community,” said Lynn Johnson, Lincoln Parks and Recreation Director. “We are excited to build this partnership with the Williams Branch Library.”

“We're eager to share these plans with the Air Park community. Our partnership allows adaptability in our services to this growing part of the city,” said Pat Leach, LCL Director.

APRCWBL-OpenHouse-2021-OCT21-web (11).jpg

APRCWBL-OpenHouse-2021-OCT21-web (8).jpg

recreation staff explain new building sections to visitors

APRCWBL-OpenHouse-2021-OCT21-web (9).jpg

Programming at the new facility

New opportunities with the new facility

  • Collaborations with Recreation and Libraries to develop new programming 
  • Room and facility rental space
  • Public WiFi
  • Outdoor designated walking trail/area
  • Outdoor play equipment, picnic shelter, games, basketball, play field 
  • Group fitness and wellness classes
  • Fitness/exercise machines 

Continue Library Programs

  • Books and DVDs for children, teens, and adults
  • Weekly Storytimes
  • Summer Reading Program
  • Community Learning Center (CLC) Clubs 
  • Outdoor activity and programming area for kids, teens, and adults
  • Dedicated Children’s section with discovery learning opportunities.
  • Comfortable seating space with a cozy fireplace
  • Community meeting room
  • Free Internet and Computer Use 

Continue recreation programs

  • Before and After School and Summer Day Camps
  • Gym use for basketball, volleyball and pickleball
  • Outdoor Garden
  • Gameroom
  • Rock Steady Boxing (International exercise program for people with Parkinson’s disease)
  • Open Door Senior Time 
  • Goju Ryu Karate

Project Timeline

This is a general timeline for design and construction of the replacement facility for the Air Park Recreation Center and Williams Branch Library

  • Select Project Architect/Engineer for design of new building – January 2021
  • Select Construction Manager to construct new building – March 2021
  • Public Open House 1: May 2021 (virtual)
  • Public Open House 2: October 2021 (in person)
  • Begin site preparation and grading activities – November 2021
  • Begin construction of new building – March 2022
  • Complete construction of new building – May 2023
  • Move rec. center/library operations into new building – June 2023
  • Complete site work and landscaping – September 2023


  • Highly efficient geothermal heating and cooling is planned for the new facility.  A building management system provides automated control of the system for energy efficiency.
  • Low energy use lighting is provided by LEDs throughout the building and site.
  • The building is designed with energy efficient walls, windows & roof.
  • Plantings on the site are planned to be drought tolerant, native to our area, and support pollinators.
  • The site includes installation of a bioretention area to clean, filter, and cool the stormwater from the parking lot.
  • Reduced water consumption by providing limited site irrigation, low flow plumbing fixtures and pervious pavement for some walkways.
  • In order to reduce vehicular exhaust, site access encourages multimodal transportation through pedestrian connections, being a bike friendly site and located adjacent to a future bus stop.
  • Where possible, low carbon building materials and finishes have been selected.

How can you help the project?

We want your input!

The Air Park Recreation Center and Williams Branch Library project is moving forward! The project team includes Lincoln City Libraries and Lincoln Parks and Recreation is still in the planning phases and would love to hear from the Air Park neighborhoods what they want in their neighborhood center.  The neighborhood was asked for input from a short survey in late February and March 2021. Staff will work with the architects to develop the facility plan before moving forward with public meetings in the spring.


Lincoln Parks Foundation is seeking private funds from community partners, foundations, corporations and individuals who understand the need to provide a new facility that is more accessible and meets the needs of the families of this growing area.

As a private 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Lincoln Parks Foundation enlists the help of generous people to help sustain and improve our community parks and recreation system.

For more information, contact:

Lincoln Parks Foundation



Facility Renderings

Please note: These renderings are in draft editions currently. Some designs may change moving forward.

Download the Open House handout.pdf(PDF, 2MB)




Current Facilities

Recreation Center History

Basketball players in the Air Park gym. 1976.

The Air Force Base

from the 1964 Air Force Base manual

The base has facilities for using the equipment, including a tennis court, a lighted football field is laid out. A swimming pool is available near the NCO Club and also the Officers Club. Also provided is a field for the use of model airplane hobbyists.

 The base sponsors a judo team which offers exhibitions on the base, in Lincoln, and surrounding communities.

A bowling alley is also available for the bowling fans. There are 10 lanes and they are equipped with AMF Automatic Pinsetters. The bowling alley is air-conditioned and has a snack bar located inside. The alley is open 1100 to 2400 hours seven days a week. Open bowling available.

Arnold Heights Center, 1979

History of the Air Park (Arnold Heights) Recreation Center

1954: The building that houses the current Air Park Recreation Center was built as part of the Lincoln Air Base facilities. It is located east of NW 48th Street at 3720 NW 46th Street in northwest Lincoln.

1979: Air Park Recreation Center opens to serve families of the Arnold Heights neighborhood. It includes a gym, fitness/weight room, computer/study room and a game/activity room.

2013: Arnold Elementary School is relocated west of NW 48th Street. Space reserved for relocation of the Air Park Recreation Center next to the school.

2020: Parks and Recreation Advisory Board approves master plan for the Air Park Recreation Center Replacement project.

The old days

Air Park originally started its life as Arnold Heights Recreation Center. Arnold Heights was created in January of 1971 to serve the students of Arnold Elementary School and low-income families in the Arnold Heights area. The Director of this center and a champion for offering programs for low-income families, Emma Roseberry made sure that the City of Lincoln offered opportunities for every citizen. Arnold Heights Recreation Center became so popular that classes were being added very frequently, and soon the center itself was unable to hold the amount of people and activities that were required of it. Roseberry continued to work for Arnold Heights, requesting that the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department find a solution to help families and students in the Arnold Heights area. 
Chess game at Air Park Recreation Center. 1970s
In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the City of Lincoln began developing an area of land near the Lincoln Airport. The area was notably named Air Park. Neighborhoods, shopping centers, and companies started sprouting up in this area like wildfire. This exponential growth was happening right next door to the Arnold Heights neighborhood, directly affecting everything from its schools to its recreation center. In 1973 it was decided that Arnold Heights Recreation Center could no longer adequately provide for the growth that the area was experiencing. A new, more centrally located recreation center would be created to provide for families and students in the Arnold Heights and Air Park neighborhoods. The Air Park Recreation Center was dedicated and opened in 1974. The new recreation center served community members with a variety of needs and interests, from students needing physical activity and stimulation after school, adults wanting to learn a new skill in classes offered, to groups joining together and playing in tournament sports.

As of 1979 Emma Roseberry was the director of the recreation center.


Just Recently

In 2018 it was announced that Air Park would undergo major renovations. In the 44 years since its construction, the area of town had grown more, and the recreation center could no longer hold the facilities needed to support its needs. Today, Air Park serves the community in the same ways it has since its beginning. Through the efforts of Emma Roseberry and many directors after her, Air Park will continue to be improved to be a staple in the Air Park and Arnold Heights communities. 

Exterior of Air Park Recreation Center

Library History

Dan A. Williams Branch Library

Williams Branch Library interior

The Dan A. Williams Branch Library opened on September 8, 2009, in the new Arnold Elementary School, replacing the converted Housing Authority duplex that served as the area's library since 1973.  The partnership with Lincoln Public Schools offered an excellent opportunity for Lincoln City Libraries to provide a state-of-the-art facility to the growing neighborhood.

Gifts from the Foundation for Lincoln City Libraries  helped to make the space a comfortable space for the public and students of the connected Arnold Elementary School.  Memorial donations helped to furnish the youths pace as well as gifts allowed amenities such as a fireplace and comfortable reading space to be included.


About Dan A. Williams

"Mr. Williams supported  efforts to fight racism and discrimination, and to create a vibrant community for all people." - Pat Leach, Lincoln City Libraries Director in a December 1, 2009 Lincoln Journal Star article.

Dan A. Williams (1915-2008) was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska. He graduated from University of Nebraska - Lincoln, where he received his BA degree , magna cum laude, and was elected to Phi Beta kappa. He did graduate work and taught at the University of Nebraska, Columbia University, and at the new York School for Social Research in new York City. he was active in Nebraskans for Peace, United nations Association- Lincoln Chapter, the Lincoln Lincoln Chapter of NAACP. Dan was a founding member of Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination (CARD), a Lincoln-based organization dedicated to promoting harmony and trust among  persons with different ethnic and racial backgrounds. He also served a seven-year library board term from 1991 through 1998.

In recognition of his service as a trustee of the Lincoln Library Board, the public library was named The Dan A. Williams Branch Library and was dedicated in the fall of 2009.

 "The time has come to offer library services in a new place, named for a man whose life was dedicated to creating a strong community, " said Mayor Chris Beutler. (December 1, 2009 Lincoln Journal Star article.)



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