South Salt Creek Projects


8th Street Improvements 

Contact: Thomas Shafer,

James Puls,


The Salt Creek Neighborhood Improvement Project is a street project that will improve the pavement condition through a mill and overlay of the existing surface, with selected curb and base repairs required. Additional work will include pavement markings and updates to the existing curb ramps to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. New parking setbacks will be constructed along the west side of 8th Street between “D” and “F” Streets. Some tree removal along this section will take place the week of March 29 prior to the beginning of roadway work.

Public Open House


Construction is currently scheduled to take place from spring to fall 2021. The schedule is subject to change depending on weather and other considerations.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the project website at (search Salt Creek).

Park Middle School Renovation 

Contact: Scott Wieskamp,


Cooper Park Master Plan

Contact:  JJ Yost,

Download the Cooper Park Master Plan(PDF, 3MB)

Cooper Park, Lincoln’s first park, has also been called “City Park”, “Lincoln Park” and “F Street Park”. In 1867, before Lincoln was incorporated, 11.54 acres of land was identified for the creation of a park but was not developed or maintained for many years. Many attempts were made to plant trees and even to farm the land, but all failed due to lack of water. In 1882, a well was sunk in the park, which supplied the city with water for many years. 

By July 12, 1900, the park officially opened to the public, with an appearance from Lincoln resident, founder of the Populist movement, and presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan and his wife. 

In 1951, a neighborhood meeting to address the park’s status was held at the American Forward Association Hall, adjacent to the park. The new plans provided landscaping, recreation, and leisure. The Cooper Foundation financed the project with a $35,000 gift and the park was officially re-dedicated as its current name, Cooper Park, on August 10, 1954. 

In 2000, the South Salt Creek Community Organization placed the “Daydreams” statue near the park shelter, referring to the 1890s text The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The character The Cowardly Lion, was thought to be based upon William Jennings Bryan’s involvement in the Populist movement, a political subtext of the book.  

Status of Cooper Park Master Plan Improvements – 3/26/2021

  • Cooper Park Master Plan to guide space planning and prioritization of future park repair and replacement work as well as park improvements was endorsed by the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board on April 12, 2018.
  • Replacement of the roofs on the picnic shelter and bathroom was completed in 2018.
  • Removal of the horseshoe pits was completed in 2019.
  • Addition of a bike rack near the playground was completed in 2019.
  • Construction of the ½ basketball court was completed in 2020.
  • Construction of the multi-generational fitness station was completed in 2020.
  • Renovation of the bathroom building began in the fall of 2019 and was completed in 2020.
  • Cooper Park Master Plan amendment to facilitate improvements in the north end of the park in coordination with renovations at Park Middle School was endorsed by the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board on July 9, 2020.
  • The first phase of replacing the aged area lighting throughout the park was completed with the installation of 16 new light poles and 18 new LED fixtures in 2020.  This new lighting covers the majority of the eastern and northern halves of the park.
  • An additional phase(s) of park area lighting renovation is envisioned in the coming years as other elements of the park master plan are completed and funding is secured.
  • In coordination with the construction activities being performed at Park Middle School by LPS, portions of the retaining wall removal and rehabilitation identified on the master plan are currently being performed (removal along north end of the park and removal/rehabilitation along the northwestern section of the park).
  • In coordination with the construction activities being performed at Park Middle School by LPS, the renovation of the west entrance into the park identified on the master plan is currently under construction.  This includes the removal of steps and replacement with ramped walkways to improve park accessibility.
  • Funding has been made available through a gift to the Lincoln Parks Foundation from Union Bank for improvements to the plaza space and landscaping associated with the picnic shelter.  These improvements will be constructed in 2021-22 as staff resources permit.
  • At this time, other improvement projects identified on the park master plan are not funded; however, the Lincoln Parks Foundation is keeping an active eye out for opportunities.


Interlocal Agreement between City and Lincoln Public Schools(PDF, 7MB)

Cooper Park Master Plan(PDF, 3MB)