Volunteer for a Clean, Green, Healthy Community

Whether it is picking up a piece of litter, using your reusable grocery bags, or ensuring that recycling happens in your office, we want to you to make our community a little bit cleaner, greener, and healthier every day.

KLLCB’s organizational goals are accomplished by these every-day efforts that change our behaviors, as well as volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities can accommodate both groups and individuals. Most projects have a flexible schedule and can accommodate the needs of the volunteers. Check out our current volunteer needs here.


Litter cleanups: Help maintain a clean City and County. Cleanups must take place in public areas including streets, alleys, County roads, parks, schools and recreation areas. Volunteers are assigned a specific area for cleanup and are supplied with trash bags, safety vests and other equipment. These projects can be scheduled throughout the year. They are a great volunteer opportunity for groups and are open to all ages.

Storm Water Awareness Program (SWAP): Label storm drains with “Drains to Creek” markers to help prevent waterway pollution. You decide the time and number of volunteers and we’ll map out an area of storm drains that need labels. For more information on the SWAP program click here.

Special Projects: Sometimes we need volunteers for special events or activities that only happen a few times a year. These organized efforts will provide a time, place, and specific activity in the description.