MTTC Feasibility and Concept Design Study

Updated May 13, 2020

StarTran seeks additional feedback regarding a Multimodal Transit Facility

StarTran is wrapping up a Multimodal Transit Transfer Center (MTTC) Feasibility and Conceptual Design Study exploring improvements to transfer operations for the transit system. Over the last eight months, the Study assessed approximately 20 potential sites for the new transfer facility and has selected the southern half block along “M” Street between 9th and 10th Streets as the preferred location.

Today the hub of StarTran’s operations is centered around an on-street transfer facility located at 11th and “N” Streets adjacent to the Gold’s Building. This on-street transfer location in undersized and does not provide an optimal layout for the safe and efficient transferring of passengers between bus routes meeting at the facility. The current Gold’s location offers limited bus passenger amenities that help make waiting for the bus more comfortable. The site is also limiting for current bus capacity and is inhibiting future expansion of the transit system due to is size and configuration.

Proposed conceptual rendering of the new MTTC facility (Courtesy of WSP USA) Proposed conceptual rendering of the new MTTC facility (Courtesy of WSP USA)

A key goal of this study is to improve mobility by integrating multiple transportation modes (buses, bikes, scooters, pedestrians, and others) and investigate potential economic development opportunities. The Study will then develop estimated facility costs and review potential impacts to the existing transit system.

To assist with the MTTC Feasibility and Concept Design Study, StarTran selected WSP, an international planning and engineering consulting firm with offices in Lincoln, to develop detailed plans and conceptual layouts for the future MTTC facility that will serve at the center of StarTran operations for decades to come and significantly improve passenger safety and user experience. The project began in September and is scheduled to conclude with recommendations in May 2020.

The MTTC Feasibility and Concept Design Study project assessed multiple sites in downtown Lincoln using metrics and a needs-based assessment that guided a transparent process based on data and community input. The final MTTC Study will deliver detailed cost estimates, assess transit operational impacts and integration of multiple modes of mobility, and assessment of traffic and potential environmental impacts.

StarTran is the primary mobility provider for the greater Lincoln metro area, providing over 2.4 million trips in 2018 on its 18 fixed route bus transit system.

Advisory Committee

The role of the Advisory Committee is to provide input and insights on draft documents and overall project guidance. They will act as a sounding board for project alternatives and help spread the word on the study effort.


Public Input

Virtual Open House Learn more about the study process (29:18 video)

The public was invited to provide input on passenger amenities and design elements of the proposed MTTC center in May 2020.