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November 17, 2011
For More Information Contact:
Larry Worth, StarTran Transit Manager, 402-441-7185

StarTran Named One of Top 200 Bus Fleets

METRO Magazine has recognized StarTran as one of the Top 200 Bus Fleets this year. Placement is based on fleet size, and StarTran's fleet of 71 vehicles put Lincoln at number 176 on the list. The number one fleet is New York City Transit with 4,336 vehicles.

"About 700 agencies with a total of 75,115 buses report fleet numbers to the NTDB (National Transportation Database), so StarTran rank of 176 is impressive," said Larry Worth, StarTran Transit Manager.

METRO reported that more than 70 percent of respondents to the NTDB were having difficulty balancing funding shortfalls with an increase in the demand for service. The magazine also noted that public transportation continues to play a role in protecting the environment and that many agencies are exploring innovations to make their systems more efficient, safe and user-friendly.

"StarTran certainly is one of those innovative agencies," Worth said. "Improvements include an automatic vehicle location (AVL) program, new magnetic strip fareboxes, digital signs with solar panels, a live online bus tracker, safety cameras, and bike racks. StarTran also is recognized nationally for its use of alternate fuels. A trip planner program is coming next year to increase convenience for StarTran patrons."

For more information on StarTran, visit, become a fan at StarTran's Facebook page, or call 402-476-1234.

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