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March 16, 2019
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Holley Salmi, Communications and Public Affairs, 402-441-7537

Lincoln Water Supply Unaffected by Flooding

Miki Esposito, Director of Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU), today reminded Lincoln residents that the City's water supply is unaffected by flooding.

"Our drinking water is safe. Our treatment facilities are secure and operating effectively. The entire water supply system is under constant monitoring. All of Lincoln's water is sourced from groundwater in an aquifer 80 feet below the surface," Esposito said.

"With respect to supply-all of Lincoln's local reservoirs are full. We have 100 million gallons of water supply within city limits, and we have 10 million gallons of reserve stored at our water production facility in Ashland. In addition, we are still producing plenty of water to meet the typical winter consumption demand of our community - 35 million gallons per day," Esposito said.

Donna Garden, Assistant Director of Utilities for LTU, said that precautionary flood protection work on the Platte River near the City's well fields is ongoing. The National Guard began sandbagging operations by helicopter at about 7 a.m. today, Garden said. Helicopters are flying sandbags to the north side of the well field island to reduce erosion, fortify the river bank and protect City assets.

"We want to thank all of our partners who continue to assist us during this emergency response-Lincoln Fire and Rescue Water Rescue Team, the Nebraska National Guard, Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, Omaha Public Power District, Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department and others who pitch in as needed. Finally, I want to thank our Lincoln Water System team for their dedication to protecting our assets, water supply and water quality. They continue monitoring the path of the flooding and taking swift action where needed," Esposito said.

Lincoln residents are encouraged to visit to learn the latest about Lincoln Water System operations during the Platte River flooding event.

"We are getting questions about what members of the public can do. We are fortunate to be in a community that has seen little devastation from the historic weather events of the last week and has a safe and stable water supply. Please focus your efforts on helping our neighbors that have not been so fortunate. They need us."

More information on the state of Lincoln's water supply will be available at

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