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Fire, rescue workers get awards for saving lives
Lincoln Journal Star Article
May 18, 2006


Fire, rescue workers get awards for saving lives
By LORI PILGER / Lincoln Journal Star

Some 18,000 calls come in a year to Lincoln Fire & Rescue, some from frantic callers, some level-headed — all in need.

“Sometimes we have to scramble to get out the door, but we get it done,” Fire Chief Mike Spadt said.

“And for that I’m proud of you.”

On Wednesday, the city thanked them, too, with a proclamation at a ceremony to recognize the men and women who helped save 20 people in 2005.

Those 20 people had no pulse and weren’t breathing when city paramedics and firefighters came and revived them.

Family snapped pictures as 111 paramedics and firefighters and 18 call center workers went to the front of the room to get their Phoenix Awards for the role they played in the calls that saved those 20 lives.

Those 20 later went home from the hospital, like the mythical phoenix rising from the ashes.

That’s a 15 percent save ratio, Assistant Fire Chief Rich Furasek said.

Mayor Coleen Seng said she thinks it’s important to honor EMS workers’ lifesaving efforts.

She proclaimed this Emergency Medical Services Week and urged people to recognize them for their hard work and dedication to the Lincoln community.

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, she said, they stand ready to provide life-saving care to those in need.

Spadt said he believes Lincoln’s EMS is the best, or one of the best, in the country.

“You do truly make a difference,” he said.

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