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NETF1 Canine Abby Name of K9: Abby
Breed: Belgian Malinois
Handler: Jim McConnell, Lincoln, NE
Additional Info:
November 2003 Canine Bulletin Newseltter
December 2003 Canine Bulletin Newseltter
Fall 2008 Canine Bulletin Newseltter

It is with great sorrow to report of the passing of Abby, a Belgian Malinois and certified wilderness search and human remains detection canine handled by Jim McConnell, NETF1 Tech Info Specialist. Abby was recently diagnosed with an advanced cancer and passed away gently Friday, December 12, 2008. Abby started her training with Jim in 2003 and worked toward certification as a FEMA US&R canine. Abby found her niche in wilderness search and human remains detection and certified with Jim in Sept 2007 for Wilderness Area Search and in November 2007 for Humans Remains Detection. NE-TF1 deployed Abby and Jim to the Little Sioux Boy Scout Camp in June 2008 to search for reported missing persons as a result of a tornado that struck the camp killing four boy scouts and injuring dozens of others in the camp. Abby and Jim were called to Cedar Rapids, IA in the spring of 2008 to assist with searching for persons who may not have made it out of many of the flooded neighborhoods and communities in the area. Abby and Jim have been activated several times by local area County Sheriff departments to assist with locating lost or missing persons. Abby and Jim conducted countless demonstrations to school children and community groups promoting the importance of having canine search capabilities to detect persons who are lost or missing. Jim has continued to assist and train with our task force "live scent" canines and has played an important role in the development of many of our NE-TF1 canines. Our task force is proud to have Jim and Abby as partners and we could count on when called upon. We thank Jim for his continued dedication and support to the canine component of our task force and for always being ready to deploy with Abby to provide search capabilities to our local area and neighboring states when called upon.

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