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Air Quality & Regulations

Section Name File
TC Table of Contents 22K
Resolution R-13-0073 Lancaster County Air Pollution Control Resolution 32K
Section R-14-0050 Open Burning Permit Fees for FY 2014-15 and FY 2015-16 1,290K
Chapter 8.06 Lincoln Municipal Code (LMC) - Air Regulations 39K
Article 1 Administration and Enforcement.
Section 1. Intent. 70K
Section 2. Unlawful Acts: Permits Required. 70K
Section 3. Violations: Hearings: Orders. 73K
Section 4. Appeal Procedure 74K
Section 5. Variance 73K
Section 6. Fees 77K
Section 7. Compliance: Actions to Enforce: Penalties for Non-Compliance 70K
Section 8. Procedure for Abatement 69K
Section 9. Severability 69K
Article 2 Regulations and Standards.
Section 1. Definitions 113K
Section 2. Major Sources: Defined 74K
Section 3. Reserved 69K
Section 4. Ambient Air Quality Standards 70K
Section 5. Operating Permits: When Required 74K
Section 6. Emissions Reporting: When Required 77K
Section 7. Operating Permits: Application 89K
Section 8. Operating Permit: Content 85K
Section 9. General Operating Permits for Class I and II Sources 73K
Section 10. Operating Permits for Temporary Sources 70K
Section 11. Emergency Operating Permits: Defense 76K
Section 12. Operating Permit Renewal and Expiration 70K
Section 13. Class I Operating Permit: EPA Review: Affected States Review 71K
Section 14. Permits: Public Participation 73K
Section 15. Operating Permit Modifications: Reopening for Cause 85K
Section 16. Stack Heights: Good Engineering Practice (GEP) 70K
Section 17. Construction Permits: When Required 101K
Section 18. New Source Performance Standards 83K
Section 19. Prevention of Significant Deterioration of Air Quality 70K
Section 20. Particulate Emissions: Limitations and Standards 80K
Section 21 Compliance Assurance Monitoring 69K
Section 22. Incinerator Emissions 81K
Section 23. Hazardous Air Pollutants: Emission Standards 70K
Section 24. Sulfur Compound Emissions: Existing Sources: Emission Standards 70K
Section 25. Nitrogen Oxides (Calculated as Nitrogen Dioxide): Emissions Standards for Existing Stationary Sources 70K
Section 26. Acid Rain 70K
Section 27. Hazardous Air Pollutants: Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) 71K
Section 28. Hazardous Air Pollutants: MACT Emissions Standards 77K
Section 29. Operating Permit Emissions Fees 72K
Section 30. Construction Permit Fee 70K
Section 31. Reserved 70K
Section 32. Dust: Duty to Prevent Escape of 70K
Section 33. Compliance: Time Schedule for 71K
Section 34. Emission Sources: Testing: Monitoring 73K
Section 35. Compliance: Exceptions Due to Startup, Shutdown Or Malfunction 74K
Section 36. Control Regulations: Circumvention: When Excepted 70K
Section 37. Compliance: Responsibility of Owner/Operator Pending Review by Director 70K
Section 38. Emergency Episodes: Occurrence and Control: Contingency Plans 76K
Appendix I Emergency Emission Reduction Regulations 55K
Appendix II Hazardous Air Pollutants Sorted by Pollutant Name 45K
Appendix III Hazardous Air Pollutants Sorted by CAS Number 98K

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