Handy Home Services, Lifeline and Durable Medical Equipment


If you need to purchase a Lifeline personal emergency response system (PERS), arrange for some minor repair work or snow removal at your residence, or borrow some crutches or a walker, Aging Partners’ Community Activities and Services section may be able to help.

Handy Home Services (minor home repairs)


home-repair.jpg Our mission is to support older adults’ choice to live independently and retain home ownership. We’ve helped do this over the past 40 years by providing assistance with necessary home maintenance and minor home repair services.

Do you need assistance with home maintenance and minor home repairs? Aging Partners’ Handy Home Services can help. Our skilled workers are typically retired workers who have learned home repair from many years of personal experience. They can help with a variety of tasks including carpentry, electrical and plumbing repairs, gutter cleaning, heavy housework, mowing and yard work, window and screen repairs, and snow removal. We do not undertake large projects such as roofing, remodeling, flooring, HVAC or large painting jobs. Assistance is available upon request, with an easy-to-complete application required to begin service. Work requiring City permits cannot be done.

To qualify for Handy Home Services assistance, you must be 60 years of age, own and reside in the home where the work is being requested. Payment is based on a sliding fee scale. Financial information is required when signing up for the program.

We also work with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department to provide the “Safe Home for Seniors” program which helps keep your home safe by removing and disposing of dangerous and unwanted chemicals from homes and provides safe disposal.

For more information, to request service or to learn more about how you can become an Aging Partners Handy Home Services, call 402-441-7030.

Lifeline Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)


pendant.jpg When you experience a fall, medical issue or other emergency, every second counts. If you are alone, delayed medical care can jeopardize your recovery and your independence.

Lifeline is the #1 PERS available; recommended by over 90,000 healthcare professionals and trusted by thousands of hospitals to help users stay at home and maintain their independence.

Aging Partners’ Lifeline Medical Alert PERS provides simple, fast access to emergency response help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It will help increase peace of mind for you and your family.

With Lifeline, you summon help by pushing the button on your pendant. You will hear a reassuring voice from a Lifeline Response Associate who will quickly access your profile and assess the situation. They will contact a neighbor, loved one or emergency services provider based on your preference. They will also follow up to confirm that help has arrived. Our most advanced technology, Lifeline with AutoAlert, provides an added layer of protection by automatically placing a call for help if it detects a fall and you can’t push your button. AutoAlert is designed to get you fast access to help even if you are disoriented, immobilized or unconscious.

Over 7 million people nationally depend on Philips Lifeline to feel safe at home and on the go. No matter your situation, there’s a Lifeline solution for you. Lifeline offers a range of options to help you maintain your independence. Whether you need the go-anywhere protection of GoSafe, the automatic fall detection of AutoAlert or the peace of mind offered by HomeSafe, Lifeline has you covered.

Aging Partners and Lifeline PERS can help you continue living in the comfort of your own home with prompt, caring assistance. Increase peace of mind for you and your family by calling 402-441-8816 today!

Durable Medical Equipment


canes.jpg Our Durable Medical Equipment program provides items for short- and long-term needs. We have various lightly used and/or new in-the-box items in stock, with more arriving almost daily. Items include crutches, walkers, canes, wheelchairs, bath chairs and toilet risers.

In order to qualify to receive equipment, individuals must be 60 years of age or over. Call 402-441-7032 to check on the availability of items in stock. If we have the equipment that you’re inquiring about, you can schedule a time for pick up.

During the late spring and summertime seasons, we provide fans while supplies last.

If you’d like to help support our Durable Medical Equipment(PDF, 670KB) program, you can do so by donating gently-used items that may just be taking up space in your home, or by making a financial donation to help purchase needed items.

Call 402-441-3025 to see if the Aging Partners Durable Medical Equipment program can help you (or perhaps you can help us).