48th from Leighton to Superior - Street Improvements

Project Summary

Lincoln on the Move is investing in improvements to North 48th Street from Leighton Avenue to Superior Street. These improvements will include a mill and overlay of the existing asphalt surface and concrete panel replacement where required. Additional work with other funding sources will include reconstruction of the traffic signal at the intersection of North 48th Street and Cornhusker Highway, installation of a pedestrian hybrid beacon at North 48th Street and Huntington Avenue, and upgrades to the existing sidewalk ramps to comply with federal and local standards.

In coordination with the street improvement project, a new water main was installed from Leighton Avenue to Gladstone Street. More info: Water Main Project

Project Location

Project Funding


Construction began in spring 2023 and is anticipated to be completed in spring 2024.

Access During Construction

The work being completed by the private utility between Leighton and Huntington on North 48th Street was open to one southbound lane on December 5. After allowing time for the concrete pavement repairs to achieve adequate strength, the roadway was fully open on December 11.

Work continues with the reconstruction of the traffic signal at the intersection of North 48th Street and Cornhusker Highway, installation of a pedestrian hybrid beacon at North 48th Street and Huntington Avenue and minor paving work related to the signals. This work will require varying lane closures to complete and is anticipated to be complete by the end of 2023.

In concern of unsuitable construction conditions due to winter weather and colder temperatures, and in an effort to open up the street to traffic, the remaining paving work between Leighton Avenue and Madison Avenue is being held until spring 2024. Beginning in the spring, the North 48th Street Improvement Project will resume mill and overlay work of the existing asphalt surface and concrete base repairs from Leighton to Madison avenues. The work is expected to take up to eight weeks to complete and produce a smooth and safe street. One lane of traffic in each direction is anticipated to remain open through the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When and how was notice given to small businesses in the area that construction was going to take place?

  • During design, the City and its consultant partner attended the EPCO neighborhood association meeting via zoom on May 10, 2022
  • During design, the City and its consultant partner hosted a table at Streets Alive on September 25, 2022.
  • A pre-construction open house was held Thursday April 6, 2023 at First United Methodist Church. About 35 people attended, but the community was invited via postcards to area residents and a media release.
  • A postcard was mailed to 274 area businesses and residents along the corridor the week of March 21, 2023 to inform of project information and the upcoming open house
  • Door hangers were distributed to houses and businesses adjacent to the project prior to street closures
  • Digital message boards were placed a week prior to street closures to help notify area residents, businesses and the traveling public
  • A project update postcard was mailed to area residents and businesses during construction.

Which businesses were given notice? (i.e., businesses directly on 48th Street, businesses surrounding the construction, businesses outside the construction but within a block of the direct construction.)

Nearly 300 addresses surrounding the area that included residents and businesses along the corridor were notified.

How has the city continued to communicate with businesses throughout the construction and as updates occur?

The City’s Economic Development Specialist has contacted approximately 45 businesses along the corridor to discuss the project.

The construction project manager and Senior construction engineer are available to answer questions as they arise.

Public Open House

A public open house was held regarding planned improvements on North 48th Street and in the University Place Neighborhood.

Thursday, April 6, 2023 4:30 – 6:30 p.m. First United Methodist Church, 2723 North 50th Street

Meeting Materials  Project Fact Sheet(PDF, 1MB) Project Design Map(PDF, 17MB) Displays(PDF, 2MB) Comment Form(PDF, 317KB) Watch: What is a Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon?

Project Contact

  • James Puls, City Construction Manager
    City of Lincoln, LTU Project Delivery

  • Marc Rosso, Construction Engineer
    City of Lincoln, LTU Project Delivery