Right of Way Construction Management

The Right of Way Construction Management Section of Transportation and Utilities is responsible for ensuring that all private construction being conducted within the public "right of way" meets all Lincoln Municipal Code requirements, as well as the most current versions of the Lincoln Standard Specifications, Lincoln Standard Plans and all other City, State and Federal construction standards and requirements. The section is located with the Development Services Center and is responsible for issuing and inspecting all work being conducted within the public right of way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who needs a Right of Way Construction Permit?

Any person, firm, or corporation, other than duly authorized employees of the City, must have a permit to make any opening, cut, trench, boring, excavation, or any overhead utility installation above, under, or in the surface of any street, alley, or other public space of the City.

Where do I go to apply for a Right of Way Construction Permit?

Development Services Center
Department of Building and Safety
555 S. 10th Street, Suite 203
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

Who is to be notified if work is performed in or upon a street?

Please contact the Transportation Department's "Right-of-Way Construction Section" a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the proposed work at 402-441-7711.

Who is to be notified in the event of emergency work?

Contractors performing Emergency work shall notify the Transportation and Utilities Department – Traffic Engineering and the Right of Way Construction Management sections at (402) 441-7711. If Emergency work is deemed necessary in any City right of way area, where immediate action is required to protect the general safety and welfare of the public or company employee, and in an event where bodily injury has or may occur notify "911," then the facility owner/operator. If the damage results in the escape of any flammable, toxic, or corrosive gas or liquid or endangers life, health, or property the excavator responsible immediately notifies "911" and takes reasonable measures to protect everyone in immediate danger, the general public, property and the environment until the facility owner/operator or emergency responders arrive and complete their assessment.