2023 Standard Specifications

2023 Standard Specifications

Effective on all construction projects with bid opening on or after October 1, 2022.

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Summary of Changes
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Expand General Conditions and Requirements Table of Contents General Conditions and Requirements (982 K)

Expand Chapter 1 Table of Contents Chapter 1 – General Miscellaneous Items (778 K)

Expand Chapter 4 Table of Contents Chapter 4 – Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) Pavement (938 K)

Expand Chapter 6 Table of Contents Chapter 6 – Asphaltic Concrete Construction (924 K)

Expand Chapter 21 Table of Contents Chapter 21 – Storm Drainage Systems (970 K)

Expand Chapter 22 Table of Contents Chapter 22 – Sanitary Sewers (854 K)

Expand Chapter 23 Table of Contents Chapter 23 – Water Mains (5.11 M)

Expand Chapter 32 Table of Contents Chapter 32 – Erosion and Sediment Control (942 K)

Expand Chapter 33 Table of Contents Chapter 33 – Irrigation Work (786 K)

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