CAD Standards

CAD Standards

Windows 10 Pro

All LTU CAD Standards have been developed for MicroStation V8i SS10 / PowerGEOPAK V8i SS10. LTU does not guarantee the compatibility of these Standards with other versions of MicroStation / PowerGEOPAK.


NOTICE!!! The updates, additions and/or changes in the CAD Standards downloads are not currently documented in the CADD Standards Documents section. Those documents still reflect previous standards. They will be updated and available at a later date.

Sample Plans

The following PDF files are a first-generation product of our CAD standards and are still described as a work-in-progress. These documents will continue to grow as our standards evolve and grow. Developed from the MicroStation V8 environment, some basic information will be available in the V7 format until we can fully support the V8/GEOPAK software.

Revision Plan Set

Roadway Improvement/Widening

Storm Drainage Only

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Consultants currently under contract should coordinate with City's project manager to determine whether to conform to these new standards. All new contracts should use the most current available standards.

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Please contact us if you have questions, comments or suggestions regarding the application of LTU's MicroStation/GEOPAK CAD Standards.

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