Recreation Centers

FUNdamental to Active Living and Youth Development

Our recreation centers in Lincoln offer some of the best activities for youth and adults around.  With so many things to learn, see and do, it’s no wonder Lincoln’s recreation centers are FUNdamental to active living and youth development. 

We have six recreation centers, each providing different amenities, programs and classes. Make sure to check out Pioneers Park Nature Center for nature based recreation and more!

Recreation Center Reservations

Lincoln Parks and Recreation has six Recreation Centers available to rent for your next party or event. All of the Lincoln Recreation Centers are ADA compliant. Located throughout the city, there's sure to be a location to meet your needs. 

  1. Select which location you'd like to rent.
  2. Review Rental Regulations and Modified Procedures.
  3. Contact the Recreation Center for availability.

Rental Rates

Center Phone Address While Open:
Room Rental
Rate Per Hour
After Hours:
Rate Per Hour
After Hours:
Gym/ Lobby
Rate Per Hour
Whole Building
Rate Per Hour
 Air Park 402-441-7876 3720 NW 46th St $30.00 $57.00 $57.00 $89.00
Belmont* 402-441-6789 1234 Judson St. $30.00 $57.00 $57.00 $89.00
Calvert 402-441-8480 4500 Stockwell St. $30.00 $57.00 $57.00 $89.00
Irving 402-441-7954 2010 Van Dorn St. $30.00 $57.00 $57.00 $89.00
Easterday  402-441-7901 6130 Adams St. $30.00 $46.00 $46.00 $57.00
F Street 402-441-7951 1225 F St. Large Conf.: $30.00
Small Conf.: $21.00
 $57.00* $57.00* $115.00**

*Some Areas Excluded
**1st Floor only $115.00 (some Areas Excluded) 2nd Floor only $57 (some areas excluded)

Call center for more information and rental application. 

Recreation Center Rental Regulations

1. Priority of Department Programming
Parks and Recreation Department programs have priority use of recreation centers, Rentals may be scheduled at those times when department activities are not scheduled. The Department reserves the right to cancel previously approved facility rentals if the need arises.

2. Appropriate Rental Uses
Rental use is limited to activities determined to be recreational in nature. Acceptable uses are ones similar to what our department would normally conduct. Examples include, but are not limited to, basketball practice, dances, parties, reunions, or meetings.

3. Renter's Collection of Money on Site
No fees or donations may be collected by the renter on City property unless a Permit to Conduct Business has been submitted and approved.

4. Rental Arrangements 
Rental arrangements should be made at least two (2) weeks in advance of the reservation date. The Rental period must include set-up and clean-up time. The Department reserves the right to increase the per hour rental rate. Renters will be given at least thirty (30) days notice of an increase. A center supervisor will be on site during all regular rentals. See #6 "Special Rental Arrangements" for additional fee information.

5. Cancellations and Refunds
Refund requests are subject to a $15.00 service charge and must be made at least seven (7) working days prior to reservation date.

6. Special Rental Arrangements
At the Center Director's discretion, supervision by department personnel may be waived for the renters who have demonstrated a high degree of reliability in the past. The rate will be reduced by $8.50 per hour for renters who qualify for Special Arrangements. Key(s) for the center will be checked out to the person responsible for the rental. A $15 deposit will be required for each key. Keys are to be returned the first working day after the rental. Renters with ongoing usage may retain the key until the term of the rental agreement has ended. 

"Special Arrangement" renters are financially responsible for any lock changes or key replacement if it becomes necessary due to lost, copied, or stolen rental keys. these renters have total responsibility during the use, for facility clean-up following each use, and for securing the facility at the conclusion of the activity. 

7. Set-up and Clean-up
All renters are responsible for initial set-up and for clean-up immediately following use. Set-up and clean-up time must be included in the rental time. 

8. 11 PM Park Closing Regulation
All centers must be closed and the premises vacated by 11:00 PM. User-owner equipment must be removed by this time. Any exception to the 11 PM rental and/or equipment deadline must be granted prior approval by the Director of Parks and Recreation. To receive this approval, a written request must be submitted to the Director at least two (2) weeks in advance. Attach request to the facility use application. Additionally, if more than 150 people will be attending an event that ends after 11:00 PM, an additional fee of $40.00 per hour will be charged to cover the cost of an off-duty Lincoln Police officer. 

9. Responsibility for Damage
In the event of damage to the facility and/or equipment, it is the financial responsibility of the renter to replace or repair such items.

10. Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on City property.

11. State Fire Regulations
Renters must abide by State Fire Regulations. Capacity maximums have been established for each of the recreation centers, and for specific areas within those centers. Attendance at the rental functions must be limited to these maximums. Rental request with attendance estimates that exceed these maximums will not be approved. Smoking is not allowed in any City building. Smoking is not allowed during rentals. 

12. Compliance with Rules During Rentals
Renters must abide by rules and regulations that pertain to the areas and equipment being used at the facility. If during the course of the rental period, the activity is considered to be out of control or not in accordance with the purpose for which it was rented, the rental will be immediately terminated and any unused portion of the rental fee will be refunded, subject to payment for any damage that may have occurred.

13. Additional Stipulations for Youth Groups
Renters for youth activites are required to comply with the additional supervision stipulations "Guidelines for Youth and Chaperones at Youth Oriented Social Events" and "Chaperones for Youth Group Use.

Modified Facility Rental Procedures

The COVID-19 Risk Dial & Commuity Guidance will be used in conjunction with additional guidance and directives from local health officials to make determinations about facility rentals.

Effective September 24,2020

 Covid-19 Recreation Center Facility Rental Guide

  1. CAPACITY. Gatherings will be limited to the number of occupants allowed under current Directed Health Measures.
  2. SCHEDULING. Allow for adequate time for cleaning and disinfecting needs to be allotted between room usage.
    1. Attendees will be encouraged to symptom check prior to arrival and stay home with symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
      1. A fever higher than 100.4°F or have used a fever-reducing medication in the last 24 hours to control a fever higher than 100.4°F.
      2. Unresolved or new onset of shortness of breath or difficulty breathing.
      3. New onset of a dry cough lasting longer than 24 hours.
      4. Two or more of the following prolonged (i.e., lasting longer than 24 hours) and unexplained (i.e., no other reasonable cause) symptoms:
        1. Sore throat
        2. Sustained (i.e., longer than 2 hours) chills or repeated shaking with chills
        3. New onset of loss of taste or smell
        4. Headache
        5. Muscle pain


    2. Observe six feet of separation between individuals prior to sign-in.
    3. Attendees will sign-in with their first and last name and phone number to be used if contract tracing is needed.
    4. Attendees will be encouraged to wash hands for 20 seconds using warm water and soap upon entering the rented space.
    1. Renter and Attendees will follow current DHMs and guidance recommendations regarding food service.
    2. At least six feet of separation between groups while dining.
    1. Renter and Attendees will follow current DHMs and guidance recommendations regarding face coverings.
    2. Staff will be required to wear face covering when interacting with renters and attendees.
    1. Not admit anyone past the stated capacity.
    2. Not admit anyone who does not comply with health screening.
    3. Not admit anyone who does not comply with sign-in with their first and last name and phone number.
    4. Set-up spaces to encourage at least six feet of separation between individuals as much as possible.
    5. For rentals lasting longer than 4 hours, renters will be encouraged to use the provided EPA registered disinfectant to disinfect high-touch surfaces in the rented space.
    6. Include clean-up time in rental but leave tables and chairs down for disinfecting by staff.
    1. Enforce stated capacity.
    2. Enforce completion of sign in-sheets.
    3. Disinfect restroom, drinking fountains, tables, City-owned equipment, and high-touch surfaces with an EPA registered disinfectant according to product label before and after the scheduled rentals and at least every four hours for rentals lasting longer than 4 hours.