N Street Cycle Track

cycle track.jpg

The N Street Cycle Track is the state's first protected bikeway. The cycle track provides a connection from the Arena and West Haymarket to the Antelope Valley Trails, a critical link in the City's 128-mile trail network. The cycle track runs for 17 blocks along the south side of "N" Street from 23rd Street to Arena Drive.

"Lincoln is very excited to be the home of Nebraska's first cycle track," Mayor Chris Beutler said. "The separation of bikes and motor vehicles provides an extra measure of safety. But, it's very important for the public to learn how to navigate this stretch of "N" Street, which includes traffic control devices at every intersection for cyclists, motorist and pedestrians. In addition to providing important trail connections, the cycle track promotes healthy living and contributes to the livability, excitement and vibrancy of our 21st century city," Beutler said.

Mayor Beutler officially opened the "N" Street Cycle Track on April 23, 2016.