Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization

Technical Committee


1:30 p.m.
County/City Building, Room 113

Roll call and acknowledge the "Nebraska Open Meeting Act"

  1. Review and action on the draft minutes of the September 7, 2017 Technical Committee meeting.

  2. Review and action on revisions to the FY-2018-2021 Transportation Program".

  3. a)     Malcom Sign Grant. Add as a new safety project and program federal funds for Malcolm
            to replace damaged, obsolete or substandard signs and sign posts.
    b)     Lincoln Rosa Parks Way Trail project. Reprogram federal funds to be obligated for trail
            ROW in FY 2017-18.
    c)     Beal Slough Trail Project. Reprogram federal funds to be obligated for PE in FY 2017-18
            and federal funds for ROW in FY 2019-20 for trail ROW.
    d)     FTA Section 5310 Program of Projects. Add FTA Section 5310 funded program of projects
            for the Enhanced Mobility of Seniors & Individuals with Disabilities.

  4. Briefing on the Lincoln Citizen's Transportation Coalition activity in developing a comprehensive implementation strategy on how to address current and future infrastructure needs of the City of Lincoln's transportation infrastructure.

  5. Briefing on the Lincoln MPO Annual Transportation System Performance Report. The Lincoln MPO 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a performance-based plan, based on a set of goals intended to implement the vision and support the transportation needs and community values, while aligning with national goals and federal planning factors. The purpose of the annual report is to evaluate and monitor changes in the transportation system, and assess whether the LRTP goals are being achieved.

  6. Briefing on the Lincoln MPO On-Street Bike Facilities Study. The Lincoln MPO is beginning a study that will improve upon the City of Lincoln on-street facilities network and develop new facilities to provide for safer bicycle commuting and recreational opportunities. The plan will depict a comprehensive system of off-road and on-road facilities that safely connects neighborhoods and destinations and encourages bicycle travel.

  7. Briefing on the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) State Freight Plan on Critical Freight Corridor Designations. The Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act calls for states and metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) to designate critical freight corridors for both rural and urban areas. The Nebraska State Freight Plan on Critical Freight Corridor Designations report summarizes the critical freight corridors for Nebraska. Nebraska is eligible to designate 75 miles of critical urban freight corridors (CUFC) and 150 miles of rural corridors (CRFC). Information on truck volumes, employment, locations of freight-intensive industries, ongoing capital and investment programs, and input from both statewide and regional stakeholders was used to draft a set of corridors for Nebraska.

  8. Briefing on the Nebraska DOT Vanpool Project. Vendor has been selected for the Nebraska DOT Vanpool services to provide statewide contracted services and is taking application from potential patrons for this service to which includes a) the Lincoln and Omaha commuting service and b) Rural Nebraska commuting service.

  9. Briefing on the Nebraska DOT/MPO Highway Safety Performance Measures. The Safety Performance Management Measures regulation supports the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) and requires State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to set HSIP targets for 5 safety performance measures. This requirement establishes specific responsibilities to State DOTs and MPOs.

  10. Other topics for discussion.