Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a shorter range planning document that reflects transportation spending over the next four years. Project details are provided, such as project description, cost, funding source, and funding year. The TIP contains information on a wide array of transportation projects including pedestrian and bicycle facilities, trails projects, transit improvements and operations, transportation related planning studies, Airport Authority and Railroad Transportation Safety District activities, and state, county and city road improvements. TIP projects can be viewed in the map and documents below.

Proposed Program


Guidelines for Modifying the Transportation Improvement Program(PDF, 103KB)  have been established by the Lincoln Metropolitan Planning Organization. Revisions occur between annual updates to add, modify or delete individual projects. According to Federal regulations (23 CFR 450.326), revisions to the TIP can be made through formal amendments or administrative modifications.

Group Project Listings(PDF, 147KB)  are projects grouped by function, work type, and/or geographic area which are consistent with the exempt project classifications contained under Federal regulations (23 CFR 450.324 (f)). Listings of Grouped Projects are combined within a single project category having a similar scope and listed in the TIP Appendix.

Current and Previous Years' Programs



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