Multi-modal Transportation Center

The new Multi-modal Transportation Center (MMTC) will provide a more efficient, safer, and inclusive public transportation system in Lincoln.

For nearly two decades, Lincoln has envisioned a multi-modal transportation center to bring transit riders, bicyclists, pedestrians, and others together for an easier, safer and more inclusive way to travel the city that moves us towards our sustainability goals. Now is the time to bring this vision to life!

View of the MMTC at the preferred location


The concept of a MMTC was first explored in 2004 as part of a City Multi-Modal Transportation Study. The need for an improved MMTC was confirmed through a variety of community engagement efforts and strategic plans. In 2020, an in-depth feasibility study helped identify a preferred location for the center located on the south side of the County-City Building at 555 South 10th Street. This area is currently a surface parking lot for City and County employees.

Over the last 20 years, numerous studies and public outreach efforts have consistently emphasized the significance of a multi-modal transportation center to community members, shaping our current project.

Community Engagament

*Current outreach efforts

Future community conversations will continue to shape the design of the MMTC.

Planning for the Future

Today, the bus transfer center located near 11th and “N” streets offers limited amenities for riders which a new MMTC facility will be able to provide.

  • The current location has limited room to only accommodate six buses at a time, which is less than half of the buses in service at any given time. This means longer waiting times for passengers, sometimes making them late for work, school or appointments.
  • The ability to expand this location is limited because of the lack of space available.
  • This location also lacks critical features like proper shelters, restrooms, and indoor waiting areas.
  • Access to other transportation options are limited, like bicycle share programs, scooter rentals, Uber/Lyft, or a future regional/intercity bus service.
  • Office space for StarTran administration at a separate location means inefficiencies in bus management, ticket sales, customer service, and no space available for staff to provide safety and other assistance to passengers.

The New MMTC Facility

The new MMTC is a two-level building with essential features for both the public and StarTran administration. Inside the first level will be a climate-controlled waiting area, restrooms, security and ticket sales. The second level will house StarTran’s administrative office and public meeting space. Outside of the building will be 18 bus bays, protected passenger boarding, lighted areas, covered walkways, and wayfinding signage.

  • View from 10th Street looking west
  • Bus bay area from the southeast corner of the lot looking northwest
  • Bus bays from the corner of 9th and “G” streets looking northeast
  • View from 9th Street looking southeast at the MMTC and bus bays at dusk
  • Covered walkways and other bus bays from inside a bus parked in the bus bay area
  • Covered waiting area and wayfinding signage
  • Bus bays with covered waiting area and wayfinding signage
  • Covered walkway with seating areas and wayfinding signage

Benefits of the New MMTC

StarTran, in collaboration with the community, has pinpointed essential amenities desired by riders for incorporation into the project. These amenities include:

  • Comfortable indoor and outdoor waiting areas
  • Indoor restrooms
  • Covered walkways
  • Passenger safety improvements
  • Area lighting
  • Improved access to essential services
  • Convenient transfer between all routes from the same location at the same time to reduce waiting times for transfers
  • Access for multiple modes of transportation – buses, bikes, scooters, pedestrians, and others
  • Centralized and more efficient StarTran operations
  • Economic growth opportunities in downtown and South Haymarket areas
  • Alignment of social equity goals by spending funds within an Area of Persistent Poverty

The MMTC will bring transit riders, active transportation and micromobility users together for an easier, safer and more inclusive way to travel the city that moves us towards our sustainability goals.

Preferred MMTC Site Location

The preferred MMTC is located between 9th and 10th streets and between “H” and “G” streets, currently serving as a surface parking lot.

The location’s proximity to City Hall and the Police Department increases safety and provides easier access to government resources, making it an ideal hub to combine multi-modal transportation and government services.

Project Costs & Funding

The total estimated cost of the project is approximately $33 million. Funding is provided by a $23.6 million federal grant and other local funds.

Project Schedule & Next Steps

MMTC Feasibility & Concept Design Study 2020
Secure Funding for Design & Construction 2021-2022
Initial Design & Planning Mid 2023
Study of Environmental Resources & Public Outreach Early - Mid 2024
Final Design Mid - Late 2024
Anticipated Construction 2025-2027

The next step in the MMTC project involves completion of an initial design and an environmental review. Once these phases are completed, the project will be submitted to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) for review. Upon approval from the FTA, the project team will move forward to complete the design and aim to begin construction in 2025.

Public Engagement


A survey was conducted in spring of 2024 to gather public input.

Public Open House

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) hosted a public open house to share more information regarding the preferred location for the new MMTC facility.

Thursday, March 28, 2024 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. F Street Community Center, 1225 “F” Street

Meeting Materials  Meeting Displays Printable Comment Form

County-City Employee Open Houses

StarTran held two County and City employee open house meetings to gather input about the multi-modal transportation center initial design, preferred location, and temporary parking during construction.

Thursday, April 11, 2024 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. County-City Building, 555 South 10th Street

Meeting Displays 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. County-City Building, 555 South 10th Street

Meeting Displays 

Project Contact

Elizabeth Elliott, Director
City of Lincoln, Transportation and Utilities

The MMTC represents an extremely important step toward a more efficient, safe, sustainable, and inclusive public transportation system. By addressing current challenges and creating a centralized, accessible hub, the MMTC will improve urban mobility, foster economic development, and enhance the quality of life for our entire community.