Mahoney Park


A community park located off North 70th and Adams Street including open shelters, playground, and softball fields.

Acres: 77


History of Mahoney Park

Mahoney Park, originally named Northeast Park, was created following a project approval from the Department of Outdoor Recreation in 1969. Development was expected to include a multitude of recreational opportunities for the public, such as a swimming pool, basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, 18-hole grass green golf course, picnic areas, playgrounds, landscaping, and winter sports. 

When the park was proposed, Lincolnites praised the “tremendous amount of potential” that Northeast Park had for all sorts of different activities. It was written in 1969 during the time where the Parks and Recreation Department was still envisioning this park, that there “are recreational opportunities for virtually every city resident”. 

Following the completion of the park in 1971, proposals for the Mahoney Golf Course quickly followed. However, even though the course was met with immediate excitement by the public, construction was slow. Funding for many park projects, including Mahoney Golf Course, was cut in the early 1970s. It wasn’t until the mid 1970s that funding and labor for the golf course was put together. 

Mahoney Golf Course was completed in August of 1976. Mahoney Park has been continuously improved throughout the years, and stands as a jewel in northeast Lincoln. Lincolnites noticed it early, this park not only has recreational opportunities for virtually every resident, but it does still have a tremendous amount of potential.


Commercial Photography

Lincoln's parks and public gardens have provided beautiful backdrops for generations of family photos. When you or your photographer are taking pictures, we ask that you be mindful of, and minimize disruption to, other park users and garden visitors. Please also take care to avoid damaging any flowers, plantings, turf, or park property.

If your photo shoot is large and/or it could disrupt normal park or public garden operations, you make need to seek a Special Use Permit. If fees for photography services are collected on site, a Permit to Conduct Business may be required. Wedding reservations are available at our wedding designated sites. Please contact 402-441-7847, Ext. 0, or email, for additional information regarding both Special Use Permit and wedding reservations.

Thank you and enjoy those beautiful pictures!


Four ballfields are available for team use. The reservation fee is non refundable once you make your reservation.

Use Expectations

  • Your field use is for a specific time period. Your games are to end within the time frame. Don’t infringe on the next team's field use.
  • "Soft Toss" batting practice against fences is NOT permitted.
  • Do Not move permanent pitching rubbers or home plates.
  • Do Not remove bases or equipment from field.

Online reservations DO NOT include access to lights, bases, chalk, or field preparation equipment.



Field Levels:

SILVER ($15/hr.): 

These fields are excellent for both games and practice. These fields also have agri-lime infields. Some fields have irrigated outfields, and most have maintenance scheduled twice per week during peak use.

BRONZE ($10/hr.): 

These fields are good for team practice, or a pick-up game. Some of these fields will have agri-lime infields, but will not have irrigated outfields, and they are scheduled for maintenance once per week during peak use.

 Reserve this Facility

Cancellations: Online reservation users should visit our TeamSideline website for questions about weather cancellations, or call our Game Cancellation Hotline at 402-441-7892. PLEASE make sure you have an account with our TeamSideline system, and are enabled to accept text messages notifying you of field use cancellations due to weather, or poor field conditions.

Tobacco Ban

  • Municipal Code Section 12.08.330 is in effect for all City of Lincoln ballfields including bleachers, concession buildings and surrounding areas.
  • The tobacco ban includes products burned, inhaled, chewed or other forms of ingestion.  E-cigarettes are included in the Tobacco Ban policy.





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