Weddings in the Parks

Pay Online

Step 1.Visit our Online Reservation Portal.

Log into or create a MyIntralinc account.

Step 2.Select Venue Type.

Select the venue type, and location. 

Step 3.Select Dates.

The calendar will show which dates are available, and those that are already reserved.

Step 4.Review and Pay.

Pay online through the portal. You will need a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover) to complete the transaction.

Step 5.Ready?

Wedding Reservations

Step 6.Deposits & Keys

Drop off any deposit required within 2 weeks of your rental.

Pick up keys if applicable within two business days prior to your event. Keys are for electrical access. After the event, return rental keys.

Staff will inspect the rental area and deposit will be available to pick up during regular business hours or it will be mailed back to you. 

Is this a special event that requires more than a simple shelter rental? (i.e. street closers, multiple locations) 

Special Event Application


Pay with Check or Cash

Step 1.View Reservation Portal for a calendar of available dates.

Select Enclosed Shelter facilities, and the facility you are interested in renting to view the calendar.

Step 2.Complete the Reservation Application.

 Online reservation will ask for location and dates interested.

Step 3.Payment

Payment must be made in order to complete the reservation, Lincoln Parks and Recreation at 3131 O St. Suite# 300 Lincoln, NE (cash, check or card).

Deposits & Keys

Drop off any deposit required within 2 weeks of your rental.

Pick up keys if applicable within two business days prior to your event. Keys are for electrical access. After the event, return rental keys.

Staff will inspect the rental area and deposit will be available to pick up during regular business hours or it will be mailed back to you. 

Lincoln parks offer a unique outdoor location for your special celebration. Reservations may be made up to one year before the event date.

Facility Name
  Capacity  Cost Damage Deposit Total hours Add'l $/Hour
Bowling Lake
  112 $120 $100 3 $40
Hamann Rose Garden
  45 $120 $100 3 $40
Iron Horse Park
  52 $120 $100 3 $40
Oak Lake Island
  75 $120 $100 3 $40
Stransky Park
  24 $120 $100 3 $40
Sunken Gardens***
  56 $180 $100 3 $60
Hazel Abel Park1
  45 $180 $100 3 $60
Veterans Memorial Garden
  10 $120 $100 3 $40
Government Square Park
  22 $120 $100 3 $40
Holmes Lake Observatory Area
  150 $120 $100 3 $40
Antelope Shildneck Bandshell
  75  $200 $100 4 $40
Union Plaza Amphitheater
112 $200 $150 4 $40

*If you would like electricity access to available locations, please come to the Parks Office (3131 O Street, Suite 300) and fill out the area of the wedding location or note under the “Special Request” field while completing your on-line reservation.

**Reservations does NOT provide exclusive use.

1Due to ongoing vandalism experienced at this location, Lincoln Parks and Recreation cannot commit to having the fountain(s) operational for wedding reservations. 


What amenities are provided in wedding sites?

We simply provide the location and backdrop for your wedding, all additional items such as chairs, tables, and decorations must be privately provided.

Keep in mind that we do not allow any litter such as fake flower petals, glitter, birdseed, crepe paper, or rice to be left in the park after your wedding.

We do not allow any open flames such as candles.

We also do not allow stakes to be put in the ground.

Can I close off or restrict access to part of the park during the event?

No. Our parks are public and the reservation is to use the space for a ceremony. The deposit may not be returned if the public is restricted to a public space.

What does the park look like at different seasons?

Our staff work hard to keep our park and public garden areas beautiful. But... weather happens and this is the midwest. Please keep this in mind when scheduling your event.

The most popular time to get married is late spring and early summer. However, sometimes that isn't the peak time for some of our venues due to the bloom period of our gardens. Sunken Gardens has an 30,000 flowers that bloom all summer long but the peak time period is mid to late summer.

Sunken Gardens throughout the seasons 


 The bronze statue

Tulips bloom in a handful of planted beds in the spring (April). Other beds in the garden are bare soil.


The "Wake Up the Beds" in mid May each year invites dozens of volunteers and staff to plant annual flowers throughout the garden. These are mulched and take weeks to fill the beds completely.

Located in the upper Healing Garden of the Sunken Gardens, this bench offers a spot for quiet reflection.

There are other areas in the garden that offer lovely spaces for a special ceremony.

 In early summer, the garden artist’s careful planning is visible as plants have started to grow in. Undulations of blues around reds, and circular plantings of tall tropicals underplanted with bright, lush, greens create interest points.

  Sunken Gardens will become more beautiful as every flower continues to grow. 

Red and yellow Petunias slope down to frame the Rotary Pavilion entrance.

 Sunken Gardens peak bloom time is late summer (June-September). 


 Plants are removed in October just before the annual "Put the Beds to Bed" winter bed preparation in November. 

The bench and evergreens of the upper garden after a blanket of snow.

The gardens after a large snow storm.

The location I want is not listed

If the location you want to have a ceremony is not currently listed as an option, check with our Administration Office staff and District Supervisors to help direct you to designated areas in our park areas.

Important Things to Remember

Absolutely no alcohol is allowed in any city park.

No smoking is allowed in any park facility.

Please observe designated “Play Tobacco Free” areas.

No collection of money is allowed at your event without a “Permit to Conduct Business” to collect money (this includes free will donations). If you are wanting to sell items at your event, please see page 5 on “Special Use Permits”.

City of Lincoln park hours are from 5:00am-11:00pm.

All rentals must have their space clean and equipment put away at the end of your rental period.


These deposits are refundable after your event if everything is found clean and in order, there are no alcoholic beverages in the park, and there are no reports of your wedding party blocking the public from entering the park. 

Refund Policies

Cancellation Policy

Any refund on a shelter reservation is subject to a $25.00 administration fee and must be made seven (7) working days prior to the reservation date. If your request is approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation, you should receive a check for your subsequent amount in the mail from the City of Lincoln within two or three weeks.

Interruption or Termination of Event

Lincoln Parks and Recreation reserves the right to terminate or interrupt any event in the interest of weather-related emergencies, public safety noncompliance with the City of Lincoln and Lincoln Parks and Recreation laws and policies, or if the event can be viewed as inappropriate.

Inclement Weather

Lincoln Parks and Recreation is not responsible for circumstances beyond their control such as bees, mosquitoes, rain, cold weather, bad weather, vandalism, etc. You may complete a refund request, but requests due to inclement weather are viewed on a case-by-case basis with the Director of Parks and Recreation.

Commercial Photography

Lincoln's parks and public gardens have provided beautiful backdrops for generations of family photos. When you or your photographer are taking pictures, we ask that you be mindful of, and minimize disruption to, other park users and garden visitors. Please also take care to avoid damaging any flowers, plantings, turf, or park property.

If your photo shoot is large and/or it could disrupt normal park or public garden operations, you make need to seek a Special Use Permit. If fees for photography services are collected on site, a Permit to Conduct Business may be required. Wedding reservations are available at our wedding designated sites. Please contact 402-441-7847, Ext. 0, or email, for additional information regarding both Special Use Permit and wedding reservations.

Thank you and enjoy those beautiful pictures!