Mountain Bike Facilities Master Plan

Fat tire bike with riders standing near.


Lincoln Parks and Recreation has embarked upon a master planning effort to look at the future of mountain bike facilities in the community.  A working committee of mountain bike enthusiasts has been assembled to help the Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department determine what facilities are most needed and how they can be distributed around the community in order to provide equitable opportunities to all who are interested. Watch this webpage for updates on the master planning process. 

See what Lincoln had to say! 

The Mountain Bike Facility Survey was available from September 22 – October 12, 2022. 540 community members took the survey! This information is used by the Working Group as discuss mountain biking facilities in Lincoln. 


  • Discuss range of Mountain Bike Facilities in Lincoln and determine a Level of Service.
  • Recommend priority locations for facilities to serve the community equitably 
  • Discuss different frameworks for design and management of Mountain Bike Facilities.  
  • Discuss timing for projects and different funding strategies.  

Promise to the Public 

We will work with you to ensure your concerns and aspirations are directly reflected in the alternatives developed and provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision. 

Project Timeline: 

September 2022 – April 2023: Public input gathered through surveys, communication with interest groups, open house, and public meetings. 

October 2022 – February 2023: Working Committee meetings and drafting of Master Plan 

March – April 2023: Public review and comment on draft Master Plan 

April 13, 2023: Parks and Recreation Advisory Board open meeting to discuss and potentially take action on draft Master Plan. 

Virtual Open House

The Virtual Open House was available for comments until January 23.


The Mountain Bike Facilities Master Plan Working Group spent several months reviewing potential locations and narrowed the list to 19 park properties. On the interactive map, each area is marked with elevation lines and features color-coded slope information. Viewers may add their observations at each location.

Mountain Bike Facilities Master Plan Presentation

2. View Interactive Map

Interactive Map

Zoom in on this map to each of the sites and observe the area being discussed in more detail. As you zoom in you will see elevation lines. Zoom in closer and the space between the lines will show in three colors.:

  • Red for areas that are relatively flat (0 – 5% slope)
  • Green for areas that are between 5-20% slope which makes them ideal for single track
  • Yellow which have slopes greater than 20%.

NOTE: Although the green is labled as “ideal” single track and other mountain biking facilities can be successfully designed on flat or steep (red or yellow) areas with a little extra care and perhaps importation of surface material. The slope information is part of what should be considered when recommending the best sites.


What is next?

Final recommendations and a draft master plan will be developed and made available in March for public to review and comment. The final draft plan is expected to be presented to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board at its public meeting in April 2023.