Rotary Strolling Garden


This informal garden features several varieties of hardy landscape shrub-roses alongside many other drought tolerant plants native to Nebraska.  Low maintenance and low watering requirements make this area a “how to” demonstration garden.

Sustainable combinations of durable shrubs roses, perennial flowers and ornamental grasses provide season long interest and ideas for how you can incorporate color in your own landscape. The gardens provide a chance for visitors to see how the plants perform over the season, and over the years.

Thorough soil preparation and good plant choices were made at the onset of the garden, and no special care or pesticide applications are used, so this is an opportunity to judge for yourself if they are truly sustainable. Real plants, real life conditions – and real opportunities to bring color to your landscape.

Garden Manners

Garden hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.  Admission is free, donations are accepted. 
Restrooms are available at Sunken Gardens April to October from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Parking is available east of the Hamann Rose Garden. 

For everyone’s enjoyment of the garden, please: 

  • Do not pick the flowers or stand in the displays
  • Attend to children at all times
  • Stay on the paths and lawn areas
  • Leash your dog; pick up and dispose of pet waste
  • Walk your bicycle
  • No skateboards or roller blades
  • No swimming or wading

For garden tours, please contact 402-441-8267

Commercial Photography

Lincoln's parks and public gardens have provided beautiful backdrops for generations of family photos. When you or your photographer are taking pictures, we ask that you be mindful of, and minimize disruption to, other park users and garden visitors. Please also take care to avoid damaging any flowers, plantings, turf, or park property.

If your photo shoot is large and/or it could disrupt normal park or public garden operations, you make need to seek a Special Use Permit. If fees for photography services are collected on site, a Permit to Conduct Business may be required. Wedding reservations are available at our wedding designated sites. Please contact 402-441-7847, Ext. 0, or email, for additional information regarding both Special Use Permit and wedding reservations.

Thank you and enjoy those beautiful pictures!




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