Who We Are

The Bike Lincoln website was created and is maintained by the City of Lincoln Planning Department to provide a clearinghouse of information on bicycling within the City of Lincoln. It is our goal to make bicycling in Lincoln easier and more enjoyable for local residents as well as visitors.


The Pedestrian / Bicycle Advisory Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Mayor, the City Council and the Parks and Recreation Department on the development of a comprehensive plan or a bicycle and pedestrian network.


  • Gary Bentrup
  • Parks Coble
  • Rick Dockhorn
  • Barb Fraser
  • Marynelle Greene
  • Elaine Hammer
  • Damon Hershey
  • Delrae Hirschman
  • Jordan Messerer, Chair
  • Luke Pitts
  • Roy Rivera
  • Susan Larson Rodenburg
  • Dalyce Ronnau
  • Michael Wylie

Contact Us!

We want to know your suggestions on how we can make biking in Lincoln better! If you have feedback regarding bicycling infrastructure (bike racks, bike lanes, cycle tracks, trails, road crossings, etc.), educational programs, events or any other bicycling related topic then we want to hear from you!

Please note that while we welcome suggestions for capital projects to help us identify and prioritize in the long-term, there is limited funding and a high demand for projects throughout the City. We are working hard to make the funding which is available serve the most people as effectively as possible.

This website is administered by the City of Lincoln Planning Department. For question, inquiries, suggestions or comments, please contact:

David Cary, Director
Lincoln / Lancaster County Planning Department
555 S 10th St, Ste 213
Lincoln, NE 68508

Contact information for other agencies involved with bicycling in Lincoln can be found on the Resources page.