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College View Neighborhood Mobility Audit

Overview of Study Process

The City of Lincoln is teaming-up with people in the College View neighborhood to improve the transportation options for pedestrians, bicyclists, people who ride the bus, and drivers.

The neighborhood mobility audit will identify initiatives that will improve the neighborhood by making College View more walker-biker-rider friendly. Enhancing these mobility options will strengthen the neighborhood, encourage healthy living, increase safety, and enrich the quality of life and economic viability of the area.

Project Goal

Develop a "multi-modal" strategic plan for the College View Neighborhood that effectively integrates vehicular, pedestrian, bicycle, and transit systems and identifies achievable project initiatives and improvements for the neighborhood.

Project Process

Involve a diverse group of neighborhood stakeholders, including residents, students, businesses, and institutions. Conduct a neighborhood mobility audit and compile an inventory of existing conditions, challenges, and opportunities. Involve a study committee to collaborate with the City on developing design concepts and efforts for inclusion in a strategic plan for the neighborhood. Prioritize short-term, interim, and long-term improvements and efforts that have a reasonable chance to be implemented. Build public-private partnerships for continuing collaborative action and investment.

For further information about the status of this study, contact David Cary (Transportation Planner) at

Meeting Materials

Meeting DateList of Materials
10/03/07 Community Workshop
08/30/07 Study Committee
07/18/07 Neighborhood Charrette
A: Transit System B: Pedestrian System C: Bicycle System
D: Pavement Condition E: On-Street Parking F: Traffic Flow on 48th Street
G: Integrating Travel Modes
06/13/07 Workshop
06/06/07 Study Committee