West “A” Street Improvement Project

West “A” Street Improvement Project

West City Limits to SW 5th Street

The purpose of this project is to improve the West “A” Street corridor beginning at the West City Limits extending east to the intersection of SW 5th Street. To minimize impacts to area residents, businesses and commuters, the project has been divided into two separate construction projects:

Project A is SW 23rd Street to SW 5th Street • Map(PDF, 9MB)

Project B is West City Limits to SW 23rd Street • Map(PDF, 6MB)

YouTube video Watch: West “A” Street progress - Summer 2022 (1:53)

Spanning nearly 2.5 miles, the project provides several improvements, including:

New Pavement

Roundabout Intersections

ADA Accessible Sidewalks

Multi-Use Trail

Sanitary Sewer Trunkline

Street Lighting

Concrete Pads at Bus Stops

New Driveway Connections

Projects A and B Area

Project Area

Project Timeline

Project A Project A extends from Southwest 23rd Street east to Southwest Fifth Street.
Project A was completed in June 2022.
Project B Project B extends from the west city limits near Southwest 36th Street east to the Southwest 23rd Street intersection.
Project B utility relocations are in progress and anticipated to take place until the end of 2022.
A wastewater pipe project is scheduled to begin in the October 2022 through May 2023.
Project B paving is anticipated to begin in spring of 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What work is included in the project?

The purpose of this project is to improve the West “A” Street corridor beginning at the West City Limits and extending east to the intersection of SW 5th Street. The project includes work associated with:

  • Topographic survey
  • Traffic analysis
  • Roadway alternatives analysis
  • Roadway design
  • Drainage design
  • Environmental review
  • Permitting
  • Public involvement

What does the City of Lincoln evaluate for arterial roadway improvement projects, like West “A” Street?

  • Cross section (number of lanes)
  • Proper speed Limit
  • Intersection control
  • Turn lanes
  • Proper access (median breaks)
  • Pedestrian crossings

What improvements are included in this project?

  • New pavement
  • Roundabout intersections
  • ADA accessible sidewalks
  • Multi-use trail
  • Sanitary sewer trunkline
  • Street lighting
  • Concrete pads for bus stops
  • New driveway connections
  • Additional traffic lanes
  • Storm water drainage enhancements

How did the City decide on the selected alternative?

The alternatives were evaluated on multiple criteria that included: safety, environmental impacts, right-of-way impacts, constructability, access during construction, cost, and public input.

How is the project being funded?

The project is locally funded through a combination of impact fee revenues and wheel tax dollars.

When will the public and businesses know about property acquisition and easements?

The City has identified temporary and permanent property impacts for properties adjacent to the project. If your property will be impacted, you will be contacted by the City.

One-on-one meetings can also be scheduled to discuss any impacts to specific properties. More information on the acquisition process is available in the Right-of-Way Acquisition and Your Property(PDF, 79KB) pamphlet on the City’s website.

How will I be able to access my home or business during construction?

Refer to Access During Construction Coping with Construction: What to Expect on the City’s website.

Why not designate all construction crews to this one project to get it done faster?

The West “A” Street enhancement project does have additional crews working on the project. There are typically five to seven crews on site progressing the project. However, bringing in additional crews doesn’t necessarily help speed up the process. The City has to carefully balance availability of materials and resources, social distancing due to the pandemic and what our supplier can consistently provide for each project. Other things to consider are wait times where concrete has to harden in order to be strong enough to hold certain weights of vehicles and construction trucks so they can move forward with the project.

Why don’t you have construction crews work at night to assist with completing the project sooner?

The City of Lincoln prides itself on putting its citizens first. We do not want to inconvenience neighbors in the middle of the night with additional construction noise that may keep them awake while they try to sleep.

Why is the City of Lincoln putting in roundabouts in the West “A” Street Improvement Project?

Roundabouts are proven to be cheaper and safer for drivers. A roundabout will allow at least 400 more vehicles through it an hour, compared to a four-way stop intersection. They also reduce environmental impacts. The City of Lincoln’s experience with the roundabout at South 33rd and Sheridan showed roundabouts in Lincoln reduces crashes by 83 percent. There’s a 95 percent reduction in injury crashes in Lincoln and cost of property damage due to those crashes is reduced by $810,000.

Construction Information

Updated October 2022

Utility relocations are currently in progress. Lincoln Electric System is moving overhead lines underground and should be completed by the end of 2022.

A wastewater pipe project is scheduled to begin in October 2022. The project will increase capacity of the sanitary lines to better serve existing customers and development in the area. Work is anticipated to be completed in May 2023.

More info: West “A” Phase III Sanitary Sewer Project

Access During Construction

West “A” Street will close to through traffic from Southwest 40th Street to South Coddington Avenue on October 24, 2022. The recommended detour is Southwest 40th Street to West Van Dorn Street to South Coddington Avenue to West “A” Street. The project will be completed in phases, and the phase one work area is on West “A” Street from the east side of Timber Ridge Drive to the east side of Southwest 36th Street.

StarTran Route 51-West “A” will be detoured during this work.

Digital signs will alert traffic to upcoming work and closures. Access to homes and businesses will be maintained whenever possible. Travelers are encouraged to exercise caution around the work zone.

Wastewater Project Area

  • Phase 1 street closure
  • Closed to through traffic

Project A Completed Work

Project A work from Southwest 23rd Street to the U.S. Highway 77 Bridge included:

West “A” Street is an important arterial connector for the community. Whether you are a business owner, resident or a member of the travelling public, we want you to be involved in the project. It is always a priority to work with businesses and residents in the project area. If you have questions about this project, please contact us.

Lincoln Transportation and Utilities (LTU) plans to hold in-person or virtual public meetings every three to five months to continue to keep residents up to date on project accomplishments and timeline of completion. Public meeting dates will be updated regularly.

Contact Us

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  • Brian Kramer, Wastewater Project Manager

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