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Bike Lane Study


The Lincoln-Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2002, called for the completion of a plan to accommodate bicycle traffic in Downtown Lincoln. This bicycle plan was developed as part of the Downtown Master Plan process. A bicycle planning expert assisted the City in studying possible locations for bike lanes and connections to trails and other bike routes. After the Downtown Master Plan was adopted as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan in September 2005, City staff began working on implementation of the recommendations in the plan including bike lanes.

The 11th and 14th Street Project

This project involved adding a bike lane on 11th Street to serve one-way southbound bicycle traffic from "Q" Street to "K" Street, and adding a bike lane on 14th Street to serve one-way northbound bicycle traffic from "L" Street to "R" Street. The bike lanes are 6 feet in width, are striped, marked, and signed along each route.

Meetings were held in 2006 with Downtown business leaders, property owners along the proposed routes, and bicycling advocates to discuss the purpose, impact, and design of the proposed bike lanes. A public meeting was held on July 13th to discuss the project with the community and receive comments.

Changes to Title 10 (Vehicles and Traffic) of the City of Lincoln Municipal Code were approved by the City Council on July 31 to address bike lanes as a legal traffic application on Lincoln's streets. The striping and marking of the bike lanes on 11th Street and 14th Street were installed in August, 2006 and staff performed an evaluation of the bike lanes one year later. It is extremely important that bicyclists and motorists follow the rules of the road and share the road safely.

Sources of Information

The adopted Comprehensive Plan Mobility & Transportation chapter (Page F94) and our adopted Downtown Master Plan Transportation Framework chapter (Page 67) have guided staff in implementing bike lanes in downtown Lincoln.

Additional Information

You may contact the City-County Planning Department at 441-7491 or the Public Works and Utilities Department at 441-7711 for more information.